Naish S25 Motion

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Naish S25 Motion
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The Naish S25 Motion is now for sale at KiteLine Kiteboarding.

Here is what Naish has to say about the Naish S25 Motion.

The Naish S25 Motion comes in the following sizes: 134 / 138 / 142cm

Armed with unrivaled versatility in a “do-it-all” design, the Naish S25 Motion has been building a global following for years. The Naish S25 Motion boards smooth and easy-to-ride board with high performance potential makes it the choice of Ross Dillon-Player in the world’s roughest conditions and weekend warriors alike. The Naish S25 Motion has the same proven bottom shape, construction, and rocker with an all new deck shape providing a more consistent flex throughout the length of the board. This gives riders more edge control while the poplar wood core provides responsive flex and balanced power. With centered inserts, riders can easily transition between rails - dramatically extending the life of the Naish S25 Motion board. Further enhancing this popular design, the flex tips make the ride smoother and landings softer.

KiteLine Naish S25 Motion

Naish S25 Motion Features

  • New Deck Shape = Optimized flex and performance
  • New Rounded Ends = Smooth ride and smooth turns
  • New 5.0 cm IXEF Fins = Better grip + upwind performance
  • Flex Tips = Smooth riding and landings
  • Centered Inserts = Ability to ride both rails increases longevity
  • Medium Flex = Dynamic, all-around handling
  • Freeride Rocker = Chop-eating & forgiving rocker + back foot directional stability

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