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Wing foiling and Wing Surfing are rapidly growing water sports combining kiteboarding, surfing, and windsurfing elements. Wing Foiling uses a small board with a hydrofoil and an inflatable wing to generate lift and control, allowing riders to soar and glide over the water. On the other hand, wing surfing involves using a larger board with foil and a hand held wind wing to catch waves and ride them like a traditional surfboard. 

Both sports require specialised equipment, such as wings, boards, and foils, designed and engineered to optimise performance and stability. With their ease of use and adaptability to various conditions, these two sports are becoming increasingly popular among water sports enthusiasts worldwide. We carry wing foiling and wing surfing gear from Naish, Slingshot, Cabrinha, Ozone and more. 

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  1. 2024 Adx Nvision
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  2. 2023 Cabrinha 03S Mantis Apex
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  3. 2023 Slingshot Slingwing V3 Hard Handle
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  4. 2023 Cabrinha 03S MANTIS V3
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  5. 2023 Cabrinha 03S VISION
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  6. Slingshot Javelin V1 With Window
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  7. Slingshot Blaster V1
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  8. Naish Hover Wing Foil LE Carbon Ultra
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  9. Slingshot Wing Craft V1
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  10. Slingshot Slingwing V3
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Choose The Right Wing Foiling Gear For A Better Ride 

Wing foiling  brings a new dimension to water sports by combining windsurfing and kitesurfing. If the swell is low and the air is quiet, foiling lets you get out on the water and have fun. 

Also, locating the appropriate equipment and setup can be difficult for a newbie. It is why our Kiteline staff is here to assist you in selecting the best foiling equipment to get you out on the water as soon as possible. To get started, you'll need 4 essential pieces of equipment: a board, a wing, a foil, and safety gear.

The Board 

A wing foil board with appropriate volume is a must for this sport. A large volume board (110L or greater) will be more buoyant than a lesser volume board, making it simpler to stay upright and balanced. It helps you to focus your attention and energy on other areas of the game. It helps you learn to control the wing, rather than simply staying on the board.   The board size depends on your weight.  Generally take your weight (in KG) and add 30-40.  That is the amount of Litres of volume for your board, that you would want to learn with.

The Wings

Wing foiling requires inflatable wind wings to provide forward speed and lift. So, finding the appropriate set/size of wings is critical to learning this sport. A larger wing will capture more wind power, allowing you to fly in calmer conditions.  An average size is 4m or 5m. 

The Foil

You'll rapidly become overwhelmed with different designs when looking for the proper wing foil. There are several surface areas, aspect ratios, and stabilisers on the market, each designed to give a distinct performance. The mast, fuselage, and wings are the three main components of a foil. All the parts allow you to upgrade your foil. 

Safety Equipment

Wing foiling poses fewer safety risks than other water-based sports. It is why we advocate wearing at least a helmet and safety vest on the lake.