Kiteboarders and kitesurfers need the right accessories to make the most of their time on the water. Footstraps provide a secure connection to the board, while pumps ensure the kite is inflated to the correct pressure. A wind meter helps riders stay informed about wind speed and direction, while a harness distributes the load across the body for more comfortable riding. Additional accessories such as board bags, fins, and board repair kits can also be essential. When shopping for kiteboarding and kitesurfing accessories, be sure to consider the quality of the materials, compatibility with your existing gear, and the specific needs of your riding style.

  1. 2023 Cabrinha Wing Leash
    As low as $24.99
  2. 2023 Cabrinha 01 Waist Leash
    As low as $49.99
  3. Naish S27 Hover Wing Foil Bag
    As low as $229.00
  4. Ride Engine Vinaka Wingsurf V1
    As low as $154.00
  5. Ride Engine Momentum V2
    As low as $148.07 Regular Price $221.00
  6. Ride Engine Saber V2
    As low as $233.83 Regular Price $349.00
  7. Ride Engine Lyte Direct Connect
    As low as $241.87 Regular Price $361.00
  8. Ride Engine Lyte Webbing Connect
    As low as $218.42 Regular Price $326.00
  9. Ride Engine Carbon Elite V7
    As low as $312.22 Regular Price $466.00
  10. Ozone Connect Wing Harness V1
    As low as $180.00
  11. Ozone Connect Water V2
    As low as $182.00
  12. Bravo GE 25 SL Electric Kite - SUP Pump
    As low as $549.00
  13. Ride Engine Contour V1 Seat Harness
    As low as $155.44 Regular Price $232.00
  14. Ride Engine Unity Rope Conversion Kit
    As low as $37.00
  15. Ride Engine Unity Kite Spreader Bar
    As low as $132.00
  16. Flysurfer Viron 3 Trainer Kite with Bar
    As low as $779.00
  17. Ocean Rodeo React Trainer Kite
    As low as $499.00
  18. Slingshot B2 2M Trainer Kite
    As low as $139.00
  19. HQ4 Rush Pro School 300
    As low as $469.99
  20. HQ4 Rush Pro R2F
    As low as $269.00
  21. HQ4 Hydra R2F
    As low as $349.99
  22. Bravo 20-2 Electric Pump
    As low as $320.00
  23. Ozone Uno V2
    As low as $420.00
  24. Cabrinha XL Sprint Inflation Pump
    As low as $72.00
  25. Slingshot Changing Mat
    As low as $15.00
  26. Slingshot Per Diem Backpack
    As low as $69.00
  27. Slingshot Classic Surf Sleeve Bag
    As low as $92.00
  28. Slingshot Modern Surf Sleeve Bag
    As low as $92.00
  29. Slingshot All Day Board Bag
    As low as $197.00
  30. Nobile Check-In Bag
    As low as $239.00
  31. PKS Pro Flow V2 Kite Pump 24"
    As low as $65.00
  32. Slingshot Kim K Kite Pump
    As low as $72.00
  33. PKS Single Board Bag
    As low as $84.95
  34. PKS Golf Travel Bag (No Wheels)
    As low as $179.95
  35. Crazyfly Airline Roller Bag
    As low as $109.95
  36. GoPro Flymount 3rd Generation
    As low as $84.95
  37. Crazyfly Cooler Ice Chest
    As low as $99.90
  38. GoPro Fin Mount
    As low as $41.95
  39. Ozone Board Bag 145cm
    As low as $350.00
  40. Ozone Kitesurf Kite Lines
    As low as $135.00