Considering your kiteboard, kites, gear and cost you a few million pretty pennies, it would be wise to invest in a good kiteboarding bag. Fortunately for you, here at Kite-line, we have several different bags that will suit your needs. Whether it's a quick trip for an afternoon on the water or you're packing for a plane trip for a month long kiting adventure, we carry bags from major manufacturers such as Crazyfly, Pro Kite Surf, Naish, Slingshot, and NSI. Also available are compression stuff bags for your kites, day packs to hold your clothes and tackle box for your fins, lines, straps and tools.

  1. Naish S27 Hover Wing Foil Bag
    As low as $229.00
  2. Slingshot Changing Mat
    As low as $15.00
  3. Slingshot Per Diem Backpack
    As low as $69.00
  4. Slingshot Classic Surf Sleeve Bag
    As low as $92.00
  5. Slingshot Modern Surf Sleeve Bag
    As low as $92.00
  6. Slingshot All Day Board Bag
    As low as $197.00
  7. Nobile Check-In Bag
    As low as $239.00
  8. PKS Single Board Bag
    As low as $84.95
  9. PKS Golf Travel Bag (No Wheels)
    As low as $179.95
  10. Crazyfly Airline Roller Bag
    As low as $109.95
  11. Crazyfly Cooler Ice Chest
    As low as $99.90
  12. Ozone Board Bag 145cm
    As low as $350.00
  13. Crazyfly Compression Kite Bag
    As low as $29.95
  14. Dakine Slider Bag
    As low as $86.00