Trainer Kites

Want to learn to kiteboard?  Start with a trainer kite!  Beat IT up instead of your real kiteboarding gear.  The most popular trainer kites are simple 2-line foil kites.  3-line foil kites will allow an easier relaunch. 

Inflatable trainers are basically miniature versions of real kiteboarding kites and thus offer the most similar flight, control and setup.  They will cost more and aren't really made to fly on land, but are the BEST way to figure the sport out.

Give us a call, hit us up on Live Chat, send an email...whatever you wish.  Let us help you figure out which trainer kite will work best for you.

  1. Flysurfer Viron 3 Trainer Kite with Bar
    As low as $779.00
  2. Ocean Rodeo React Trainer Kite
    As low as $499.00
  3. Slingshot B2 2M Trainer Kite
    As low as $139.00
  4. HQ4 Rush Pro School 300
    As low as $469.99
  5. HQ4 Rush Pro R2F
    As low as $269.00
  6. HQ4 Hydra R2F
    As low as $349.99
  7. Ozone Uno V2
    As low as $420.00
  8. Sensei Trainer
    As low as $149.95
  9. Slingshot B3 Kiteboarding Trainer Kite
    As low as $259.00