Wing foiling is the most thrilling experience you can enjoy on your beach gateways. Cabrinha Wing Foiling keeps you informed about wing foiling, kite surfing, and other water sports. Today we have collected the list of tips and safety while foiling and riding. Please read carefully to avoid any accidents during foiling. 


Even though wing foiling is a safe sport, there are some safety tips you can follow while riding. You may be a professional, experienced, or a beginner who has never tried this sport. These tips will always keep you on the safer side. 


Choose A Point That Is Easy To Access


Do not directly jump into the ocean with big waves and shores, seeing professionals riding the big waves may look thrilling. but as a beginner, you should always start to dive in lakes to avoid any danger. 


Carry your board safely


 pointing the foil in the direction of the wind (windward) and carrying the wing in a neutral posture in the direction of the wind with the other hand (leeward). Holding the wing too close to a foil setup might cause damage to the wing since the foil is sharp.


Stay away from no-sailing areas


You cannot start sailing anywhere you want, sailing needs some stable wind conditions, suitable water waves, and other things to achieve a successful and enjoyable ride. Always make sure of the above factors.


Always take guidance


Do not start wing foiling just after watching a few videos, you need to be guided and that is why there are many schools to teach wing foiling. Professional instructors will assist you just from the start to finish. 


Keep Practicing


You need to do some practice with the equipment you're going to ride at. It is extremely advised to practice with other riders who you could call for help if something happens.


Avoid Clashing With Other Riders


The rider on starboard tack* holds power over the rider on port tack* when two riders are coming from opposing directions. To prevent a collision, the rider on starboard tack* should maintain the course and keep one port tack* pointed downwind. Make sure there is enough space and that you are not going to cross anyone's path before making any jumps or direction adjustments.


These are some safety features from Cabrinha Wing Foiling to follow while sailing or riding, we keep posting blogs about wing foiling and other water sports, if you are searching for wing foiling gear, check out Kite line.