Kite Line 2013 F-One Monolith Control Bar

2013 F-One Monolith Control Bar

Color: yellow/black

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Special Price: $374.00


The new 2013 F-ONE bar is made with the brand new MONOLITH technology, the latest fine-tuned jewel from the F-ONE R &D team.  CNC-MILLING  The heart of the MONOLITH bar is made directly from a 6061 aluminum block. The computer numerical control (CNC) fabrication used allows to carve the bar in one unique piece.



This material is extremely resistant and is used in the Air and Space fields. On top of its strength, this material offers excellent resilience and great resistance to corrosion.  ANTI-CORROSION  The new MONOLITH bar beneficiaries from a new anodizing process that reinforces the external structure of the bar and blocks all corrosion.  COMFORT  For increased safety and comfort, the bar ends are molded with a soft material.



The anti-sliding thermoformed grip also has a double EVA layer on top of the bar.   SAFETY SYSTEM  The general safety system has been kept the same: UPS with Velcro quick release. The big advantage is its sand-proof nature. We regularly improve our safety system, this year the chicken loop is equipped with a new injected «finger», stiffer, easier to rotate and adjustable in length.


DEPOWER SYSTEM  The Clamcleat® equipped with its molded handle and with its Neoprene cover remains unchanged.   THE MONOLITH BAR SETUP IS COMPATIBLE WITH THE BANDITS 4, 5 AND 6.



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Type F-One Monolith Control Bar
Summary The heart of the 2013 F-One Monolith Control Bar is made directly from a 6061 aluminum block.
Sales Call fro Multiple Kite & Board Sales.
Included Items 2013 F-One Monolith Bar & Lines
Manufacturer No

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