2023 Crazyfly Savvy Control Bar

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2023 Crazyfly Savvy Control Bar

This 2023 Crazyfly Savvy Control Bar is Savvy. Smart, intelligent, safe, functional, durable, and sustainable. A bar that sticks with you for many sessions but does not stick when sheeting and looping. The new quick release clicks and all on the bar ticks. Ticks all the boxes a bar should. Complex yet simple. Renewable in matter of minutes. A bar to hold and behold. Savvy?

At a glance:

  • The only bar made in Europe
  • Simple Click Reload quick release
  • Single front line flag out
  • Ergonomic delta shape
  • Auto Swivel
  • Bar width adjusters

One Size:

  • Adjustable Line Width 45/50cm


  • Savvy Bar: 24m Lines
  • Savvy Bar XT: 18m + 4m + 2m Lines


  • The Savvy bar has the Y (front line split) at 6m from the bar.
  • It is compatible with all kites that have a bridle with pulleys or sliders.
  • If a kite has a fixed bridle (no pulleys no sliders) and has a Y between 3-9m from the bar, it is compatible with the Savvy bar
  • If a kite has a fixed bridle (no pulleys no sliders) and has a low Y less than 3m from the bar, such kites are not advisable to be used with the Savvy bar. The kite will fly, but the high Y will cause the kite to close (become more like a C kite) and this usually results in less power and slower turning etc.



SCR Quick release


The push away quick release is the most important function on the bar, as it guarantees safety for the user. The bright red quick release part is always visible and has an ergonomic grip shape that is easy to trigger in all conditions and emergency situations. Reloading the quick release has never been easier, just click it back in. It is that simple.

Delta Shape


The Savvy bar features a unique ergonomic Delta shape that fits naturally into human hands and is comfortable to hold. The Delta shape of the bar increases grip and reduces hand fatigue.

Premium Leather Grip


High abrasion resistance outdoor performance premium leather grip from Italy provides unmatched comfort and long lasting durability.

Bar Width Adjusters


Hidden inside the bar ends and under the floaters, the bar width adjusters allow for quick and easy change of the bar width from 45 to 50 centimeters in split seconds.

Replaceable Center Inserts


The Savvy bar was designed with product longevity in mind, so all parts on the bar are quickly and easily replaceable. Even though the center inserts are made from high end Delrin plastic with high abrasion resistance, they will eventually wear out overtime. Luckily the center inserts are easy to replace and spares are included with the bar.

Auto Swivel


The Savvy bar features an automatic front line untwist function. After a kite loop, or a rotational trick, simply unspin your bar to untwist the back lines and pull the bar down to automatically untwist the front lines.

Protected Power Lines


For increased durability, both power lines are protected with heavy duty PU tubes where they pass through the bar. The PU tubes also allow for smooth sheeting and direct kite control. Even in sticky situations, the PU tubes do not stick to the bar. Handling of the kite feels intuitive, smooth and comfortable.

Depower Clam Cleat


The depower clam cleat is placed above the bar. It is comfortable to reach and easy to use for powering and depowering the kite. After depowering the kite, the depower line can be stowed on the clam cleat with Velcro, so there is no line flapping around and everything is tidy in place.

Liros® Lines


All CrazyFly lines are top quality low stretch Liros® lines made in Germany. Unlike others, when a CrazyFly line is pulled, the kite reacts instantly. Traditional lines stretch when pulled and the reactions of the kite are slow and require more input from the rider. With CrazyFly lines, steering is direct and requires very light input from the rider. The kite is much easier to control.

Bar Bag


The Savvy bar comes with a bar bag for safe storage, easy travel and to keep all spares or extension bar lines in one place.


KITE SIZE: 7m 8m 9m 10m 12m 14m 15m
BAR LENGTH: 45cm 50cm
LINES LENGTH SAVVY: 4 lines, 24m
LINES LENGTH SAVVY XT: 4 lines, 18m + 4m + 2m

Comes complete with flying lines, freeride chicken loop, short safety leash, bar bag, spare parts and product manual.

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