HQ4 Hydra R2F

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HQ4 Hydra R2F
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HQ4 Hydra R2F 300 / 350 / 420

3.0 / 3.5 / 4.2cm

HQ4 Hydra R2F Profile

Crowded beaches and no space for kiting? Launch the HQ4 Hydra R2F and head off into the water! The HQ4 Hydra R2F is a unique trainer kite designed to re-launch in the water. The revolutionary closed-cell technology makes relaunching and landing on the water safe and easy. A one-way valve system and a watertight zipper effectively prevent water from entering the kite. The HQ4 Hydra R2F works equality well on land and generates enough power to pull you through the water during your first body drags. The 3rd line safety system quickly lands the kite if you ever feel overpowered, so you can focus on learning techniques and new experiences.

Kite Line HQ4 Hydra R2F

HQ4 Hydra R2F Properties

  • reduced bridling for low drag performance
  • cross-bracing rib structure increase durability
  • air intake system for quick self-inflation
  • improved aerodynamics
  • sizes up to 420cm (13.8 ft) wingspan

HQ4 Hydra R2F Technicial Specs.

Kite Line HQ4 Hydra

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