Cabrinha 02 XCaliber Wood

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Cabrinha 02 XCaliber Wood
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The Cabrinha 02 XCaliber Wood is now for sale at KiteLine Kiteboarding.

Here is what Cabrinha has to say about the Cabrinha 02 XCaliber Wood.

The Cabrinha 02 XCaliber Wood comes in the following sizes: 133 x 40 / 135 x 41 / 138 x 42 / 141 x 43

Cabrinha 02 XCaliber Wood Design Profile

ALL AROUND PERFORMANCE FREESTYLE - A Paulownia wood design with a dampened ride.

When it comes to versatility, the Cabrinha XCaliber Wood shines brightly. It seamlessly blends performance with comfort in all types of water conditions. The Cabrinha XCalibers wood core helps absorb heavy landings from powered tricks while offering locked in landings at speed from kiteloops and boosts. The Cabrinha XCaliber Wood defined tip channels allow for aggressive take-offs and excellent hold & traction through the water. A board equally at home throwing down handlepasses to technical big air tricks the Cabrinha XCaliber Wood is the go-to choice for many in the modern day freeride scene.

Cabrinha 02 XCaliber Wood

Cabrinha 02 XCaliber Wood Features

  • Refined shape
  • Aggressive quad tip channels for back foot grip and improved pop
  • Rail channels for maximum edge control
  • Double concave in center for smooth and controllable landings
  • Tough, lightweight & responsive
  • Predictable pop & low spin weight
  • Early planing lift & reliable edge hold
  • Excellent upwind drive

Cabrinha 02 XCaliber Wood Highlights

  • INSANE GRIP AND POP - Aggressive quad tip channels translate into intuitive backfoot grip, a locked-in feel and incredible pop off the water.

  • DOUBLE THE CONCAVE - The double concave centre section gives an incredibly smooth ride and complete control in the landings.

  • VERSATILITY PERSONIFIED - A board that is at home in all conditions, leading to confidence and progression in your riding.

Cabrinha 02 XCaliber Wood Technology

Cabrinha XCaliber Wood








WOOD CORE - Premium A-grade Paulownia wood core is vertically laminated to optimise strength, reduce weight and allow the board to flex freely and naturally.








FAST ROCKER LINE - Razor sharp responsiveness and stability for hard and fast landings. Designed to get you up and riding quickly and upwind fast.

Cabrinha XCaliber Wood
Cabrinha XCaliber Wood








MODERATE FLEX - Designed for fun doing a little of everything. The moderate or medium flex allows for easy landings, buttery turns and more forgiveness in all conditions.

Cabrinha 02 XCaliber Wood Style Selector

Cabrinha XCaliber Wood

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Included ItemsCabrinha XCaliber Wood Board - 4x 40mm Fins, 4x Washers - 10xm6x16mm Screws - Grab Handle.
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