2024 Slingshot RPX V2

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2024 Slingshot RPX V2

Utilizing a three-strut airframe built with our high-tenacity 160g/m2 FrameLITE, the 2024 Slingshot RPX V2 classic Open C canopy shape is designed for maximum slack-and-pop freestyle response. The FlyLine Bridle and Rider Customization System work in tandem to dial in personalized performance.


Utilized throughout the 2024 Slingshot RPX V2 airframe, this high-tenacity polyester features biaxial gridding and extensive emulsion coating, eliminating stretch in all directions to deliver superior response and handling in all conditions. The stiffness of FrameLITE's unique weave structure significantly reduces elongation of the airframe and increases multi-season durability. At 160 grams per square meter, FrameLITE uncompromisingly offers the optimum balance of flex, strength, stiffness, and weight.


Fully customize the performance of the RPX with our Rider Customization System. RCS allows you to fine tune the handling, power delivery, and performance of the RPX to perfectly align with your riding style and the conditions of a particular session. Utilizing the RCS, a rider can incrementally shorten or lengthen the flying and power lines, which easily and intelligently adjusts the 2024 Slingshot RPX V2 turning speed, level of power, angle of attack, and bar pressure.


The FlyLine Bridle is an innovation we used on the RPM. During the develop- ment of the 2024 Slingshot RPX V2, we wanted to push the possibilities of that bridle even further. By using more premium materials we were able to reduce the bridle line thick- ness by 25%. With the FlyLine Bridle, riders will instantly feel less drag through the air due to this new streamlined bridle.


The patented Slingshot invention has increased tube diameters for cleaner airflow and the tubes are repositioned to be more streamlined and durable.


The 2024 Slingshot RPX V2 C-shaped arc offers energetic response and direct handling while providing perfectly timed slack for freestyle maneuvers. The squared-off wing- tips and low-aspect shape give the RPX exceptional turning speed and looping capabilities.


The strongest, stiffest, and most durable canopy material used in any kite. 4X4 Canopy Tech is reinforced ripstop nylon with a 4X4 weave that delivers unrivaled tear resistance, near-zero stretch, and season-after-season durability.


The 2024 Slingshot RPX V2 Three-Strut Airframe is fully optimized for freestyle performance. Striking the ideal balance between weight and stability, the Three-Strut Airframe is built to handle the loads of slack-and-pop riding without compromising the integrity of the Open C shape.

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