2024 Naish Hover Micro

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2024 Naish Hover Micro

Aiming to decrease as much swing weight in a windsurf foilboard as possible while keeping the necessary length and volume to get on the foil, the 2024 Naish Hover Micro is our shortest foilboard yet. At only 200 cm long, the 105 is the right choice for riders looking to bring maneuverability into windsurf foiling. Its unique deck shape allows you to ride with a center footstrap position and maintain an ergonomic comfortable stance. The shape is the foil equivalent of a freestyle board.


Compact & Parallel Outline
The compact and parallel outline offer stability, control, and ease of planing, 

Tail Channel
The tail channel reduces surface area for a higher top speed while riding and better directional stability.

High density PVC foil track system with (2) 10” US Boxes
Our high-density PVC foil track system with (2) 10” US boxes will get you on the fin or the foil as quickly as possible.

Multiple Foot Strap Positions
Multiple foot strap positions make it a versatile companion for all different riding styles.

Ergonomic Foot Straps 
Ergonomic Foot Straps add comfort and stability for easy riding.

Medium Density Footpads
Grooved & embossed medium density EVA pads provide reliable grip and an excellent board feel.

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