2024 04 Cabrinha Stylus

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Unleash your passion for kiteboarding with the 2024 Cabrinha Stylus. Crafted for riders craving stability and control, this kite excels in light wind conditions, allowing you to soar effortlessly across the waves. Elevate your kiteboarding skills and embrace the thrill of gliding with the Cabrinha Stylus, designed to redefine your experience on the water.
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2024 04 Cabrinha Stylus

The 2024 04 Cabrinha Stylus has redefined kiteboarding in lighter winds.  What is really impressive though is its top end performance. 

While care has been made for optimal efficiency for light wind planing and control its stiff flex, light weight paulownia core allows you to still take to the air and take advantage of less than perfect wind conditions. 

The 2024 04 Cabrinha Stylus is no light wind ‘Door’ and you’ll be thankful of its feature rich design long after the wind picks up.  Its light wind rocker will get you planing while others are still stood watching from the beach deliberating. 

Key Features


UD Basalt helps support the light wind low rocker line, allowing the board to get on the plane quickly and with the least amount of power.


Long rail channels improve grip allowing the board to do more while the rider does less.


The specific stance to the Stylus utilizes a more optimum centre of gravity for light wind planing and control.


Gets you up and riding on the plane incredibly quickly with the least amount of power possible. Essential for the lightest of wind speeds.


Premium A-grade Paulownia wood core is vertically laminated to optimize strenght, reduce weight and allow the board to flex freely and naturally.


Designed to ride fast and reactively. The stiff flex pattern ensures powerful energy transfer when the board pops off the water. 

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