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2017 Naish Torch Kite (Kite Only)

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2017 Naish Torch Kite


Read more on what Naish says about the 2017 Naish Torch Kite


From design and testing to incremental perfecting, the 2017 Naish Torch Kite is a product of years of collaboration with the top kiters in the world in the most demanding conditions. The 2017 Naish Torch Kite is flown year after year on the world tour, consistently dominating the King of the Air, the 2017 Naish Torch Kite has pushed the boundaries of what was ever conceived possible. Offering smooth power delivery, with depower similar to that of a bridled kite, the 2017 Naish Torch Kite delivers precision response for hooked and unhooked riding.



Now available to a broader skillset, less experienced kiters can still ride like Jesse Richman, or Kevin Langeree with the 2017 Naish Torch Kites new ESP setting, which allows riders to adjust the depower to have more forgiving control with all the performance. Taking this sought-after C-kite to the next level, the addition of the Quad-Tex canopy makes the 2017 Naish Torch Kitepractically indestructible.



Already engineered for solid control and handling in strong winds, the addition of Quad-Tex's 4x-reinforced ripstop and perfectly balanced weave matrix testing 30% stronger and stiffer than any other around heightens the stability and responsiveness of the 2017 Naish Torch Kites design. The 2017 Naish Torch Kites pinnacle of freestyle performance just became stronger and more accessible; time to experience the pure precision of the 2017 Naish Torch Kite.



2017 Naish Torch Kite Features


  • Quad-Tex - Strongest kite canopy material on the market featuring 4x-reinforced ripstop
  • Canopy Stabilizer - Trailing edge reinforcement for reduced flutter and canopy sheer/wear
  • Precision response for hooked and unhooked riding
  • Superior unhooked control
  • ESP - Greater angle of attack control for more instant depower
  • Solid power through turns
  • Reduced leading edge taper
  • Ultra-reinforced Wingtip construction - Strength in wipeouts/surf-ready
  • Constant leading edge taper - Increased rigidity in wing tip for sharper turning
  • High Flow Valve - One way valve for reduced frictional force + easy inflation + immediate deflation
  • Angled Wing Tip - Torsion transmission to entire LE and low drag on water for relaunch
  • Three-strut Design - Lightweight, light wind performance + faster turning
  • C-Shape - This proven airframe design delivers maximum pop and lift. The non-swept outline aligns the center of effort with the tow point for perfect loading through the canopy at all times, resulting in power through the turn.
  • Radial Load Distribution - All wing tips are designed with seams running parallel to the load generated by the flying lines. These seams carry most of the load and spread it higher into the canopy. This design helps prevent fatigue on the fabric and in the wing tip area.
  • Lightweight Solid Frame Construction - Every strut is attached to an optimized, lightweight frame consisting of heavy-duty dacron that is then sewn onto the canopy for unmatched resistance to wear and heavy loads.
  • Octopus Inflation System - This proven, quick, and easy single-point inflation system creates uniform pressure in the struts and leading edge. Naish's exclusive one-way internal valve ensures that the pressure within the struts does not change during turns.
  • Low Drag Wing Tip - This wing tip geometry decreases the overall surface area of the non-lifting portion, greatly reducing drag. The more efficient the lift/drag ratio becomes, the faster the wing tip can move through the air. This allows the kite to be both quicker and more responsive through turns.
  • Radial Segmented Arc - The radial segmented shape uses short linear segments to a ccurately form the kite's arc. 
  • Evolutive Profile - The profile's depth and shape evolves along the airfoil, helping create a fast flying, stable kite with less back stalling. The center sections generate power thanks to a deeper profile, while the flatter profile in the tips minimizes drag and allows faster turning.
  • Power Foil Canopy - The power foil canopy has horizontal seam shaping. The result is a kite that creates instant lift.


2017 Naish Torch Kite Colors


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2017 Naish Torch Kite Sizes


5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 14m 


Additional Information

Type Freestyle / Wakestyle
Summary The 2017 Naish Torch Kite is a product of years of collaboration with the top kiters in the world in the most demanding conditions.
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Included Items 2017 Naish Torch Kite
Colors Available See Color Image (Please Specify Color when Ordering)
Manufacturer Naish

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