Kite Line 2017 F-One Furtive Kite

2017 F-One Furtive Kite (Kite Only)

Color: yellow/black

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2017 F-One Furtive Kite


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The 2017 F-One Furtive Kite is made to overtake anything else on the water and beat hang-time records! In 2014, Alex CAIZERGUES asked Fone for some custom kites to beat his own speed record of 56.62 kts. The 2017 F-One Furtive Kite design brief was to reach a maximum speed by riding over-powered with a 6.5m on the speed run with an average wind of 50kts… Fone have therefore worked on a kite with more aspect ratio and 5 struts.



But during the development, two things happened: First Fone were surprised by the enjoyment they had when riding with this kite. This is due to the thrills it provides thanks to its performance (who doesn’t like speed and acceleration…?) but also thanks to its hang-time. Then the foil riders in search for a long distance weapon became interested in this kite and immediately wanted to use the 2017 F-One Furtive Kite.



2017 F-One Furtive Kite Highlights


  • Incredible hang-time 
  • Maximum traction towards the edge of the window 
  • Great stability and very accurate bar feeling 
  • High aspect ratio and reduced arc for maximum power and unmatched acceleration 
  • New W5 bridle with 5 struts for optimum control and minimum distortion 


2017 F-One Furtive Kite Size & Wind Range



2017 F-One Furtive Kite Colors


Please Specify Color when Ordering


Additional Information

Type Long Distance Racing - Speed Riding - Hang Time Sessions
Summary The 2017 F-One Furtive Kite is made to overtake anything else on the water and beat hang-time records!
Sales Call for Multiple Kite & Board Sales
Included Items 2017 F-One Furtive Kite
Colors Available Yellow/Black/Green - Yellow/Black/Orange - Green/Yellow/Red (Please Specify Color when Ordering)
Manufacturer F-One

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