Kite Line 2014 Axis Patrol Kiteboard

2014 Axis Patrol Kiteboard

Color: yellow/black

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Special Price: $559.00


The 2014 Axis Patrol Kiteboard has been redesigned with a new mold specifically for light winds. The 2014 Axis Patrol Kiteboard will also come in two sizes this year. A 144 and a 148cm board. This board has a flatter shape and less complicated bottom concave to make it much faster due to less drag. The Patrol freestyle performance in light winds has increased as well. The 2014 Axis Patrol Kiteboard has a much larger surface area making it easier to plane and allowing the rider to feel much more power from the kite in extremely light winds. Because of the two new dimensions available and it’s design changes, riders can get out on the lighter days and still enjoy a maneuverable and playful board.


The 2014 Axis Patrol Kiteboard is a new design for 2014. It has a dedicated core shape in two sizes 144 x 45 and 148 x 47. The Patrol is the price point version of the 2014 Axis Ultra. It has a durable Coax PBT foil top and bottom sheet, which is digitally sublimated. This gives a finish that is hard to scratch, with bright colors, which will keep its good looks for a longtime. The rails are made from a black colored ABS. The ABS material is very tough and is a special formula that bonds very well to epoxy. 
The core is strip planked Paulownia wood core; this material is light and strong. We’ve chosen Paulownia because it is a very fast growing timber and one of the most sustainable timbers that you could have for a core. The AXIS product team has been using Paulownia for over 8 years now, with excellent results. 
The laminate is 420 gram Biaxial fiberglass with Uni carbon reinforcing. The combination of the glass and carbon provides a very durable board with great controlled flex for excellent pop. 
The 2014 Axis Patrol Kiteboard features Uni Carbon on both the top and bottom of the board. This way you get the maximum effect from the carbon, enhancing the board's performance. The boards have a dedicated heel side edge with the Uni Carbon indicated by the inserts. 

2014 Axis Patrol Kiteboard Sizes

144 x 45 - 148 x 47 cm

Additional Information

Type Light Wind - Twin Tip
Summary The 2014 Axis Patrol Kiteboard has been redesigned with a new mold specifically for light winds
Sales Call for Multiple Kite & Board Sales
Included Items 2014 Axis Patrol Kiteboard - Standard Pads - Strap - Fins
Colors Available See Image
Manufacturer Axis

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