Slingshot Glide V13 161

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Slingshot Glide V13 161
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The Slingshot Glide V13 161 is now for sale at KiteLine Kiteboarding.

Here is what Slingshot has to say about the Slingshot Glide V13 161.

The Slingshot Glide V13 161 comes in the following sizes: 161cm

Stability / Upwind / Progression

If you're in the early stages of your kiting life or your home spot runs heavy on light wind, then the Slingshot Glide V13 161 is your ride. The Slingshot Glide V13 161's reputation stands strong as the premeir beginner and light-wind twin tip on the water. The new geometrical outline allows the Slingshot Glide V13 161 board to track seamlessly and make the most of light-wind conditions.

Slingshot Glide V13 161

Slingshot Glide V13 161 "Why We Made It"

  • We built the Glide V13 to make light-wind riding and entry-level progression as easy as possible. The construction, size, and features were chosen to guarantee rider success.

Slingshot Glide V13 161 "Why You'll Love It"

  • The Glide will be the first twin tip to get upwind on a light-wind day.
  • One of the most proven light-wind twin-tip shapes of all time.
  • Easy to hold power in case the wind picks up, making it one of the most versatile "big boards" around.

Slingshot Glide V13 161 Highlights








Sustainably grown Paulownia wood gives the lively, springy character that our boards are famous for. Vertically laminated construction harnesses the collective strength of the wood's grain and provides strength, consistent flex, and pop.

Slingshot Glide V13 161
Slingshot Glide V13 161








Using the same technology found in urethane skateboard wheels, our innovative manufacturing process infuses the rail into the board's core in one single shot, producing unrivaled dampening and durability.








Light, flexible, and durable inserts that maintain the board's flex underfoot for a consistent feel from tip to tail.

Slingshot Glide V13 161
Slingshot Glide V13 161








Provides smooth tracking and effortless upwind performance. This added grip provides traction for riding with speed and power, yet is easy to manage for all ability levels.








This .2mm base material has the ideal strength-to-weight ratio. Lightweight performance in a strong and durable package.

Slingshot Glide V13 161
Slingshot Glide V13 161








Our wood providers are FSC approved, ensuring that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits.

Slingshot Glide V13 161 Specs.

Slingshot Glide V13 161

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Included ItemsSlingshot Glide V13 161 Board - 4 x 1.75 (1.9x15.2cm) Fins - Grab Handle.
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