Kite Line PKS Multi Option Valve

PKS Multi Option Valve

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This valve gives you a variety of choices, it's the all in one valve needed for emergency replacements on any bladder. It can be used as a standard Inflate, or cut at specified location for options as a One-pump on almost any kite on the market with external One-pump system. As it comes, it’s a standard 9mm Valve with Check-flap. Cut off the flap for 9mm 2-way valve for Inflate/Deflate, or as 9mm One-pump valve with LARGE L-Stem (extra). Cut valve itself shorter at specified location and use the SMALL L-Stem (provided) to be a one-pump valve compatible to Cabrinha, North, F-One, Ozone, Slingshot, Airush, Liquid Force, Crazyfly, Best, Wainman, RRD, Globe Kites, Ocean Rodeo, Vari, Royal and more. 

-Use as a standard 9mm Inflate 1-way valve by simply by putting on a bladder
-Cut the check-flap off the bottom of valve, and now you have a 9mm 2-way valve that can be used as an inflate/deflate 9mm, or with LARGE L-stem fitting (sold separately) for 9mm One-pump.
-To reduce height, use most common one-pump configuration:  with check-flap cut off of bottom, cut valve itself short at designated spot and use SMALL L-stem fitting (supplied with valve).

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Type PKS Multi Option Valve
Summary This valve gives you a variety of choices, it's the all in one valve needed for emergency replacements on any bladder.
Sales Call for Multiple Kite & Board Sales.
Included Items PKS Multi Option Valve
Manufacturer No

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