Ozone Chrono V4

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Ozone Chrono V4
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The Ozone Chrono V4 is now for sale at KiteLine Kiteboarding.

Here is what Ozone has to say about the Ozone Chrono V4.

The Ozone Chrono V4 comes in the following sizes: 9 (coming Soon) / 11 / 13 / 15 / 18m

Ozone Chrono V4 - Universal High Performance Foil Kite

The Ozone Chrono legacy lives on! The all-new Ozone Chrono V4 has been completely redesigned with emphasis on accessible performance using the latest design technology and understanding from our highest performance race kite, the R1 V4. Performance wise the Ozone Chrono V4 sits between the Hyperlink and R1 models. Many technical details were transferred across from the R1 V4 to the Ozone Chrono V4 providing a similar feeling while being less demanding to fly. The Ozone Chrono V4 is for performance orientated Hydro Foil and Twin Tip riders who want a high level foil kite for light to mid wind ranges. New Leading Edge Transversal Shaping of the Ozone Chrono V4 creates a cleaner surface on the most important area of the aerofoil. The new Ozone Chrono V4 internal construction, increased cell count by 8%, bridle line count reduced by 25% and total bridle line length reduced by 14% drastically reduces drag. These advancements in design combined with lightweight materials means the kite handles extremely well especially in light winds. The Ozone Chrono V4 is not much more demanding to fly than the Hyperlink V2 however its performance threshold is closer to the R1 V4, so it has more potential to take you to the next level! Continuous power generation through turns makes the Ozone Chrono V4 a fun kite for active flying to generate power when conditions are light. It is ultra stable and reacts to bar inputs instantly making it easy to get riding in the lightest winds. An overall lighter bar feeling allows you to ride with less fatigue.

Ozone Chrono V4

For Foil Board riders the Ozone Chrono V4 is a true out and out sports car, the harder you drive the more it offers. It’s got great angles up and downwind, it’s really fast if you like speed and hold on if you send it! Twin Tip riders can expect nice big floaty jumps, just load the rail and send it. Easy up wind even when it's light and if you have a flat water spot then pull that bar in and see how much power and speed your legs can handle! The Ozone Chrono V4 features an all-new material combination with a durable, airtight and lightweight double rip-stop for the upper and lower surfaces. The new material has a unique formulated coating to help shed water, improving flying characteristics and water re-launch. The Ozone Chrono V4 is durable and strong, while being as lightweight as the V3 Ultralight version. The Leading Edge air intakes have been refined for faster progressive inflation, improved seal and optimised positioning to maintain internal air pressure. This enhances land and water re-launch capabilities. Brake Line Settings. Three settings allow you to fine tune kite feedback and bar pressure to your liking. It is quick and easy to change with no extra lines to add or remove. All-round – The ideal balance in performance and feeling for most riders and conditions. The All-round setting is the middle knot on the PB1 line (factory setting). Twin Tip – Increases bar pressure and offers a sharper, more direct feeling perfect for Twin Tip riding. If you prefer a heavier and direct feel this could be the setting for you. The Twin Tip setting is the lower knot on the PB1 line. Hydro foil – Decreases bar pressure with a longer lifting period perfect for foiling maneouvers.The Hydro Foil setting is the upper knot on the PB1 line.

Ozone Chrono V4 Features

  • Exceptional Ozone Factory construction
  • Designed with OZ-CAD
  • High Performance Ultra Light Materials
  • Transversal Shaping
  • High Cell Count
  • Optimized Leading Edge Air Intakes
  • L.E Profile Reinforcements
  • Internal Diagonals and Straps
  • Sheathed Dyneema Bridle Lines
  • Double Pulley Speed System
  • Water Drainage Channels
  • Waterproof deflation zipper
  • Tuned Bridle Geometry
  • Fool Proof Line Connectors
  • Closed Cell Foil Kite Technical Bag (optional)
  • Closed Cell Foil Kite Compressor Bag (optional)

Ozone Chrono V4 Flying Line Recomodations

We recommend the following line length over the standard 25m:

  • 11m & 13m – 21m Lines
  • 15m & 18m – 23m Lines

Using line lengths of 20m to 23m the handling of the Chrono V4 becomes more responsive making jumping more direct and easier. You will feel an increased ‘connection’ to the kite, it will become more responsive and direct. In stronger winds with shorter lines the upwind ability will be enhanced significantly. For Hydro Foiling shorter lines (10m to 20m) are preferred by a wide range of users.

  • Universal high performance foil kite
  • All-round, Twin Tip and Hydro Foil settings
  • R1 V4 design technology
  • Experienced riders or with previous foil experience

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