Ozone Alpha V2

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Ozone Alpha V2
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The Ozone Alpha V2 is now for sale at KiteLine Kiteboarding.

Here is what Ozone has to say about the Ozone Alpha V2.

The Ozone Alpha V2 comes in the following sizes: 4 - 6 - 8 - 10 - 12 - 14 - 16m

Ozone Alpha V2 Performance single strut design - Freeride, hydro-foil and travel specialist. Designed Light - A Winner in Any Quiver

The Ozone Alpha V2 is our performance single strut inflatable kite. It’s simple, incredibly lightweight and very effective – it is a winner for any quiver. The Ozone Alpha V2 is the second version offering amazing free ride and hydro-foiling performance for  intermediate to advanced riders while the lightweight single strut design is perfect for travelers looking to save on excess weight and packing volume. The Ozone Alpha V2 is incredibly light weight New design technology. The Ozone Alpha V2 comes standard with an ultra lightweight Compressor Bag, perfect for travelling and day-to-day protection for your kite. It is easy to use and compresses a kite to minimal size, combine with the Technical Bag to fit multiple kites inside one carry bag.

Ozone Alpha V2

Ozone Alpha V2 Highlights

  • You Will Be Surprised - Grab a twin tip and go cruising or jumping, you will be surprised at the jumping and looping capabilities of the Alpha; it has smooth lift and hang-time with precise feedback.
  • Low End Performance - The lightweight design translates to incredible low-end performance making the Alpha V2 a very competitive choice for light wind free riding and foiling. The power to de-power stroke is progressive and dynamic enough to provide smooth lift for transitions and jibes with a foil board.
  • Shorter Lines - For high wind foiling in chop or waves, take a small size with shorter lines for loads of fun drifting the kite while carving swells across the wind.
  • Drift Style Wave Riding - In the surf the Alpha is perfect for drift style wave riding as it floats with you. The handling is direct and responsive which allows you to put the kite where you need it. The Alpha is not as dedicated to waves as the Reo, but it still delivers solid performance in cross-shore to on-shore conditions.
  • Easy Re-launch - Water re-launch is easy, by simply turning the bar or using the re-launch balls on the leader lines, the kite will roll over into the re-launch position.
  • Going Traveling - Take the Alpha with you, it’s incredibly lightweight, packs small and can do anything you want to do on any given day…

Ozone Alpha V2 - All NewContinuous Curve Leading Edge Construction

  • The Alpha V2 features our new Continuous Curve Leading Edge construction. Each segment is now curved to form a perfect smooth arc from tip to tip as opposed to straight segments with angled joints. Transversal Sail Shaping has been incorporated to perfectly match the new Continuous Curve Leading Edge. These latest design features reduce parasitic drag and create a cleaner surface at the most important area of the airfoil. The result is less turbulent airflow, which positively affects the lift to drag ratio increasing overall performance.

Ozone Alpha V2 - All New Rip-stop Material Combination

  • The Alpha V2 also features our new rip-stop material combination. The new rip-stop canopy material has an advanced ultra flex coating improving feedback in gustier conditions making for a smoother ride. The new technical rip-stop dacron is super tough, used on the Leading Edge and Struts it improves strength, durability and longevity.

Ozone Alpha V2 - All new Fast Flow One-Pump Inflation System

  • An all new Fast Flow One-Pump Inflation System makes set up and packing quick and easy. It features single point inflation/deflation and a high air flow rate between the Struts and Leading Edge, with clips to seal the hoses to prevent unwanted air flow in case of damage.

Ozone Alpha V2 - VBG - Variable Bridle Geometry

  • Quick and easy to change with no extra lines to add or remove. These bridle settings extend the kites operating range, bringing another level of versatility to this outstanding design.
  • Freeride - The ideal balance in performance and feeling for all-round free riding, foiling and wave riding in most conditions. The Freeride setting is the upper knot on the VBG Pigtails (factory setting).
  • Freestyle/Onshore - The kite sits a little further back in the wind window, with increased bar pressure and feedback. If you unhook or prefer a slightly heavier bar feeling this could be the setting for you. It is also favorable for onshore wave riding conditions. The Freestyle/Onshore setting is the lower knot on the VBG Pigtails.


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Included ItemsOzone Alpha V2 Kite comes standard with an ultra lightweight Compressor Bag, perfect for traveling and day-to-day protection for your kite. It is easy to use and compresses a kite to minimal size.
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