Naish S25 Pivot

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Naish S25 Pivot
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The Naish S25 Pivot is now for sale at KiteLine Kiteboarding.

Here is what Naish has to say about the Naish S25 Pivot.

The Naish S25 Pivot comes in the following sizes: 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 14m

Two-time King of the Air Champion, the Naish S25 Pivot, is unrivaled in terms of performance and versatility. It is famous for its jumping ability, incredible wave riding performance, amazing response and tight, pivoting turns. Backed by Naish's legendary construction, the Naish S25 Pivot uses only the best materials available. The Naish S25 Pivot has a wide wind range and incredible power generation for fast riding and huge boosts. Naish's flagship kite, the Naish S25 Pivot continues to lead the charge in innovation and performance.

KiteLine Naish S25 Pivot

Naish S25 Pivot Performance Features

  • Massive Boosts
  • Consistent Power Delivery
  • Versatile Performance: Big Air, Freeride, and Surf
  • Incredible Wind Range
  • "Sheet-in-and-go" Feel
  • Quick Relaunch

Naish S25 Pivot Construction & Technology

  • Quad-Tex Ripstop Fabric = Stiff & strong canopy fabric
  • Shark Teeth Trailing Edge = Disperses canopy flutter
  • HT Plus Seam = High-tensile thread that fortifies the leading edge along the seam
  • Molded Strut Ends = Reinforcements protect the struts
  • Thermoformed Bumpers = Seam protection when landing and launching the kite
  • Aramid Patches = Protects and reinforces the seams
  • One Point Inflation System = Quick and easy inflation and deflation through 9 mm hoses
  • Diagonal Load Seam = Distributes kite tension for a powerful and balanced kite
  • Luff Strut = Adaptable framework provides low-end power
  • Anti-Stiction Window = Easy relaunch by letting water drain instantly
  • Progressive Profile = Evolving profile along the wingspan allows the center sections to generate power while flatter tips minimize drag and allow for faster turning
  • Radial Segmented Arc = Short linear segments accurately form the kites arch

Naish S25 Pivot Quad-Tex Ripstop Fabric


The result of the collaboration between Teijin and Naish, Quad-Tex is the strongest, most responsive kite canopy material available on the market. Developed and tested over the course of 3 years, Quad-Tex turns the traditional method of canopy construction on its head.


While other canopies start with a base layer of polyester yarn, Quad-Tex takes a “strength-first” approach constructing the matrix with 4x-reinforced ripstop, then balancing the grid with the optimal strength-to-weight ratio for heavy-duty rip protection. High tenacity polyester yarn fills out the framework and is reinforced with Teijin’s high-grade resin for increased water-resistance and longevity.


Between the elements and stress from demanding maneuvers, kites are exposed to constant abuse both on- and off-the-water. With inherent strength derived from quality materials, craftsmanship and finishing, Quad-Tex withstands punishing conditions while maintaining high-performance characteristics over the long-term.


Averaging 30% stronger, with the least elongation and stretch, Quad-Tex consistently outperforms all other leading canopy materials on the market. The result is a more rigid, responsive kite that you can count on day in and day out.


Regardless of riding style, or skill level you need equipment you can count on. Safe, durable and built to last, Quad-Tex is, quite simply, the strongest, most reliable kite canopy material in existence.

KiteLine Naish S25 Pivot

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