Naish S25 Jet Stabilizer

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Naish S25 Jet Stabilizer
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The Naish S25 Jet Stabilizer is now for sale at KiteLine Kiteboarding.

Here is what Naish has to say about the Naish S25 Jet Stabilizer.

The Naish S25 Jet Stabilizer comes in the following sizes: 320 / 450

Every year, the Naish design team explores new materials and constructions in an effort to cut weight to make our foils lighter and perform better. Starting at the core for S25, the team used a new material that retains the same strength and impact resistance while dramatically decreasing the overall weight. These cores are then wrapped with a chopped carbon/UD carbon fiber layup making the S25 front wings up to 25% lighter than previous years. No matter what type of foiling you are doing (surf, kite, windsurf or Wing-Surf) these new foils yet again up the ante in performance and control.

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