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While similar to basic snowboarding, snow kiting with a snowboard is closer to windsurfing. The rider's arms must maneuver the kite and can't be used entirely for balance. Snowkiting snowboards must also have as little side cut as possible to avoid accidentally riding upwind.

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Designed as an "all-mountain" board, the Shinn Smash is a snowboard many snow kiters use when they step away from the beach. The makers of the finest kite boards bring the second edition of the Smash to dominate any terrain it encounters. Happy on the big mountains, quick and nimble in the parks and pleasantly surfy in deep powder, the Smash is stiff enough carve your heart out while keeping soft enough to run some free style. The dynamic rocker guarantees that you can stay afloat in the powder. The Smash core is made of incredibly strong wood that has high impact resistance, consistent flex response and is ultra light weight. No other materials come close to being ideal while still being eco friendly and green.