Slingshot Dream Rider V1

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Slingshot Dream Rider V1
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The Slingshot Dream Rider V1 is now for sale at KiteLine Kiteboarding.

Here is what Slingshot has to say about the Slingshot Dream Rider V1.

The Slingshot Dream Rider V1 comes in the following sizes: 140 | 150 | 160cm

Freeride / Comfort / Cruise

The all-new Slingshot Dream Rider V1 is a performance twin tip with a simply unforgettable ride. The Slingshot Dream Rider V1 has the deepest concave in the industry and our skinniest profile to date creates a dream-like ride that floats and carves over all chop and water conditions. The Slingshot Dream Rider V1 is here to make riding a twin tip fun again! Our design team focused on creating one of the smoothest and most fun boards to ride on top of the water. We started with one of our most proven and skinniest profiles for great edge control and rail-to-rail nimbleness. We then added a whopping 26mm of concave (the most on any board made) to create a shape that munches on chop for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We then built the Slingshot Dream Rider V1 board with our new Foamlite core (the only foam core in our lineup) to provide lightweight buoyancy so riders can literally float on top of the water with unmatched ease and effort.

Slingshot Dream Rider V1

Slingshot Dream Rider V1 "Why We Made It"

  • We built the Dream Rider V1 to create the most fun freeride shape of all time. It eats up chop to provide the smoothest and dreamiest ride you have to feel to believe.

Slingshot Dream Rider V1 "Why You'll Love It"

  • With over 26mm of concave the Dream Rider has the deepest hull on any board, aywhere.
  • The longer and thinner outline creates a freeride upwind carving machine.
  • Center inline fins create a nimble and playful ride with the tightest turning capabilities.

Slingshot Dream Rider V1 Highlights

Slingshot Dream Rider V1








The Dream Rider is built on our Foamlite core. This is the only foam-core board in our lineup. It's super lightweight and adds extra buoyancy for riders to float above the surface of the water.








The Dream Rider's hull features over 26mm of concave; Which makes it the kite-world's deepest! This deep concave creates a board that eats up chop, carves like a dream, and rockets upwind.

Slingshot Dream Rider V1
Slingshot Dream Rider V1








The Dream Rider features two fins on the board centerline. This creates a unique, nimble, and playful turn during transitions and carving.


The longer and thinner profile delivers lots of effective edge for upwind trajectory while also creating lightning-fast reaction from toe and heel input. The result is one of the most playful and nimble boards in our lineup.

Slingshot Dream Rider V1
Slingshot Dream Rider V1








This .2mm base material is the ideal strength-to-weight ratio. Lightweight performance in a strong and durable package.

Slingshot Dream Rider V1 Specs.

Slingshot Dream Rider V1

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Included ItemsSlingshot Dream Rider V1 Board - 2 x 1.75 (1.9x15.2cm) Fins, Grab Handle.
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