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Whether you call it kitesurfing or kiteboarding, either way, you are going to need a kite! Kite-Line has all the latest kites by the biggest names on water, sand, or snow including Cabrinha, Flysurfer, Naish, F-One, Ocean Rodeo, Ozone, Airush, Slingshot and many more!
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Kite Line 2017 F-One Diablo V.2

2017 F-One Diablo V.2 (Kite Only)

$2,699.00 Special Price: $2,024.00
Kite Line 2017 Ozone R1 V2 Race Foil Kite

2017 Ozone R1 V2 Race Foil Kite (Kite Only)

Kite Line 2018 F-One Diablo V3 Kite

2018 F-One Diablo V3 Kite (Kite Only)

Kite Line Ozone Chrono Kite

Ozone Chrono V3 Kite (Kite Only)

Kite Line Ozone Chrono V3 Ultralight

Ozone Chrono V3 Ultralight

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There are two main kinds of kiteboarding kites – foil kites and leading edge inflatable (LEI) kites. The LEI kites are, of course, inflatable which gives them a rigid structure and also keeps them afloat. LEI kites are much easier to re-launch on the water as well. For these reasons, LEI kites are typically used for kiteboarding on the water.

Foil kites are more similar to a paraglider parachute that have individual cells that the wind fills up and creates the wind structure and lift. They also have openings in strategic places which creates positive pressure, lift, and also keeps the kite very structured. Foil kites are smaller and lighter than LEI kites which allows the rider to use a smaller foil kite than LEI kite. Foil kites are typically used for land-based kiteboarding activities like landkiting and snowkiting.

The experts at Kite-Line hand-picks our inventory of kites to ensure we only offer the best possible products to our customers. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we’d be glad to assist you.