Kite Line 2018 Crazyfly Allround Kiteboard

2018 Crazyfly Allround Kiteboard

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Special Price: $382.50


2018 Crazyfly Allround Kiteboard - New ride, good old price! 


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The 2018 Crazyfly Allround Kiteboard continues to impress. If you are looking for a high quality kiteboard which performs well, looks cool, and has a very attractive price tag, then the Allround is the board for you. The 2018 Crazyfly Allround Kiteboard has a proven outline and single concave bottom. The 2018 Crazyfly Allround Kiteboards tips are now more squared providing a larger surface area for better upwind performance while the singe concave bottom provides more comfort and makes the 2018 Crazyfly Allround Kiteboard a  much smoother ride.



The 2018 Crazyfly Allround Kiteboard is an incredibly comfortable board with soft flex, great upwind ability and a reasonable amount of pop. The 2018 Crazyfly Allround Kiteboard is constructed from three main elements: precisely CNC Shaped 3T Wood Core, Multi Axial Fiber Glass and Light Up side walls. These three high quality elements enable the 2018 Crazyfly Allround Kiteboard to deliver fantastic performance on the water, and the 2018 Crazyfly Allround Kiteboards construction is designed to fit a wide range of riders from beginner through to intermediate. View Crazyfly Bindings



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2018 Crazyfly Allround Kiteboard Features


  • Soft Flex - Amazing comfort and softness offered at the cost of pop. Softer boards provide more comfort than pop.
  • Single concave - Concave bottom makes carving and transitions smooth. The board is very stable and easier to control.
  • Great pop - You can still squeeze great amounts of pop from this board, even though it is not the pop machine.
  • Multiaxial Fiber Glass - Due to multiaxial fibers the board has more flex in torsion and still remains very strong, as the fibers reinforce the board in multiple directions.
  • CNC Shaped Wood Core - Core is one of the most essential elements in every kiteboard, therefore we choose only the finest selection wood cores for all CrazyFly kiteboards. To have precisely shaped cores of highest quality, we are using a CNC machine to cut the outline and drill holes of all cores.
  • Light Up Sidewalls - Yet another innovation from CrazyFly designers on all twin tip boards. The Light Up rails are transparent and literally light up when the sun shines in. These high-tech urethane side walls are a synergy of two polymers directly bonded with the wood core. As a result, Synergy side walls have extremely high impact and abrasive resistance. Due to our innovative production process, Synergy side walls are second to none when it comes to durability and performance on the water.
  • Razor fins - These fins are Razor sharp. We have designed them with very thin profile to cut easily through water, prevent drag and make the boards faster.
  • Allround Binding - The Allround binding features a 3D shaped double density EVA footpad with heel support and a toe ridge. Footstraps use our QuickFix II mounting system for quick and easy mounting and adjustments on the beach.


Additional Information

Type Freeride
Summary The 2018 Crazyfly Allround Kiteboard is that high quality kiteboard which performs well, looks cool, and has a very attractive price tag!
Sales Call for Multiple Kite & Board Sales
Included Items 2018 Crazyfly Allround Kiteboard - 5cm Razor Fins - Handle - Hardware
Colors Available See Image
Manufacturer Crazyfly

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