Cabrinha Fusion Alloy Mast MKII

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Cabrinha Fusion Alloy Mast MKII
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The Cabrinha Fusion Alloy Mast MKII is now for sale at KiteLine Kiteboarding.

Here is what Cabrinha has to say about the Cabrinha Fusion Alloy Mast MKII.

The Cabrinha Fusion Alloy Mast MKII comes in the following sizes: 40 | 65 | 75 | 85cm


The Cabrinha Fusion Alloy Mast MKII is constructed from extruded aircraft grade aluminum that result in an incredibly rigid & hydrodynamic structure. Helicoil inserts eliminate salt water corrosion around the screw connection points. The Cabrinha Fusion Alloy Mast MKII seamlessly integrates into all 9cm industry standard foil boxes.

Cabrinha Fusion Alloy Mast MKII

Cabrinha Fusion Alloy Mast MKII Design Profile

Durability, longevity and unmatched stiffness in an alloy setup.

Cabrinha Fusion Alloy Mast MKII Key Features

  • FOIL ERGONOMICS - The ergonomic tapered connection between the fuselage and mast provides the ultimate in rigidity, while still being easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • AIRCRAFT GRADE - Highest quality anodized 6061 Aluminium provides not only strength and rigidity, but also longevity in salt water conditions.
  • STRENGTH TO WEIGHT - Low drag design to maximise hydrodynamic efficiency

Cabrinha Fusion Alloy Mast MKII Features

  • Choice of fixed top plate or FQR (Foil Quick Release)
  • 3-screw connection for superior rigidity
  • Aircraft grade extruded, anodized 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Precision tapered fuse-to-mast connection for optimal rigidity
  • Helicoil inserts minimizes corrosion and provides long lasting durability

Cabrinha Fusion Alloy Mast MKII Construction

Cabrinha Fusion Alloy Mast MKII





Brass 'through bolt' adds torsional stiffness to the wing / mast connection point.





The modularity of the CAB Fusion system allows you to seamlessly interchange between any of the X-Series and H-Series front wings and stabilizers.

Cabrinha Fusion Alloy Mast MKII
Cabrinha Fusion Alloy Mast MKII





Helicoil inserts prevent corrosion and wear.





Aircraft grade extruded, anodized 6061-T6 aluminum.

Cabrinha Fusion Alloy Mast MKII

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