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Spleene Kiteboards

A German kiteboarding brand, Spleene offers high quality boards and kites.  Their High Tech Line is driven by the will to be ahead, to form perfection with inspiration, creativity and courage.  The 2012 High Tech Line boards are all-around twin tips.


With the High Tech Line RIP, Spleene has created a masterpiece, a well balanced board with comfort and performance.  Maximum speed and smoothness should make the RIP your first choice.  The High Tech Session specializes in low wind conditions and is a power machine.  The High Tech Door has the comfort of a RIP and the range of a Session.


For high perfomance free style riders, Spleene offers the RS Rip in magenta, violet and blue.  The RS was designed for radical freestyle and offers a stiffer flex setting and slightly wider tips, ensuring advanced and professional riders can transfer the power into more dynamic moves that ever before. The Fun Tech Line Door is an affordable door that's just perfect for freeride boarders.  With full suspension tips and a very soft dynamic flex control, rides are smoother and much more comfortable.

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