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Litewave Kiteboards

With a bullet proof core of Paulownia wood and unidirectional glass and textreme carbon composite, the Litewave carbonKICK harmonizes low weight and easy to manage flex.  Made to free ride, you'll find that riding has never been so smooth on the carbonKICK .  For freestyle surfing, Litewave offers the DV8 Surf Board with full deck pads to go completely strapless.  Light wind kite riding has never been easier with the Litewave Wing, maximizing performance with flexy super thin tips and built in torsion bars.  Definitely a "session saver", riding the Wing has been described as snowboarding in bottomless powder.  With a year's worth of research and development in California and Florida, the Litewave Quad Surf was born and purposed for the waves.  Top end speed and monster drive in the bottom turns can be found in the Quad Surf, as well rugged construction that will stand up to any abuse a kiterider can dish out. 

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Kite Line 2018 Litewave DV8 G2

2018 Litewave DV8 G2

Kite Line 2018 Litewave Kick-S Kiteboard

2018 Litewave Kick-S Kiteboard

Kite Line 2018 Litewave Wing Kiteboard

2018 Litewave Wing Kiteboard