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Hq Kites

HQ Kites and Designs USA is a subsidiary of the outdoor wind giant Invento GmbH, ensuring that their kites are deliberately engineered by international teams of the finest designers, engineers and technicians.  These same teams design quality, innovative products enjoyed around the world and their kites are no exception.


HQ Kites are divided into different types of kites and here at kite-line, we offer trainer and depower kites.  Trainer kites are designed to introduce kiting to beginners.  The Rush IV, Hydra, Rush IV Pro and Scout 2 are all designed to feel incredibly stable, extra forgiving and super durable to ease kiteboarders into larger kites.  Depower kites are used with a harness.  Using a four line control system, these kites have a greater amount of control and can be used in a much wider range of wind conditions.  The Apex 4, Montana 7, Neo 3 and Matrixx are built with an effective safety system and are designed for various forms of traction whether you kite over land, water or snow!

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Kite Line 2013 HQ Hydra 2 Kite

HQ Hydra 2 Kite

Kite Line HQ Rush Pro School Trainer Kite

HQ Rush Pro School Trainer Kite

Kite Line HQ Scout 3

HQ Scout 3

Kite Line HQ4 Apex

HQ4 Apex

Kite Line Q4 Montana Snowkite

HQ4 Montana Snowkite

Kite Line HQ4 One Bar

HQ4 One Bar