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Flysurfer Kiteboarding

At Flysurfer, every day is a kite day.  The kites made by Flysurfer show that Germans can engineer more than just perfect cars.  The passion Flysurfer products are made with allow riders to share their experiences and love for their sport.  No matter where you kite, what style you use, how old you are, what conditions you're in, Flysurfer knows that once you get introduced to the sport, kiting will positively infect you.


The Viron kite is Flysurfer's introduction kite that is perfect to infect new kite boarders that maximizes safety, simplicity, ease of use and effortless relaunch.  The Unity kite will provide mind blowing jumps in an unforgettable free ride session with a fast learning curve that earns it title by successfully replacing the Pulse2.  The Flysurfer Psycho4 was designed for to be a freestyle machine as well with its Triple Depower System.  Looking for a land and snowkite?  The Outlaw is Flysurfer's  offering that is the first high-depower land AND snow kite for boarders that proves that high-depower and open-cell kites can happily mingle.   The Speed3 is the "ultimate flying machine", able to let boarders race, freestyle and cruise in all wind conditions. 

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