Surfing any wave is an achievement. Ride that barely rises above a foot to giant water walls that reach a height of well over 30 feet. However, some surf places are only for professionals, if they are even surfed at all. We will take you to some mega fearsome waves around the world. When these waves roll in, even the most advanced and professional surfers gasp and go weak in the knees.




Location: Oahu, Hawaii


Highlights: Oahu's North Shore is the top location for kitesurfing in Hawaii or maybe even the world. The surface water and coral reefs make one of the most dimensionally perfect pipes on the planet. Unfortunately, its perfection is also the reason for its deadliness. The pipeline's shape and reef create heavy waves that can be dangerous. 




Location: Lagos, Nigeria


Highlights: Tarkwa is a beach located at the beginning of the Lagoon of Iddo in Lagos. These wedging waves make a really fun, great ride. The community of local surfers around Tarkwa is also special. The location is popular for celebration and passion for sport and tourism.




Location: Tahiti, France


Highlights: Teahupoo comes on the top for being one of the giant waves in the world. Most days, this swath of electric blue water looks like a gorgeous and brightly colored reef, known to the locals as the "End of the Road." Sometimes, Teahupoo can turn into a massive beast that can look like a water wall attacking you. 


Shipsterns Bluff


Location: Tasmania, Australia


Highlights: This remote corner of southeastern Tasmania is known for its deep ocean, which produces a wave that changes its forms as it breaks. It is said that it's one of the most unexpected spots to surf. The freezing Antarctic waters waves can reach up to 25 feet in height. 


El Gringo


Location: Arica, Chile


Highlights: El Gringo is also known as "The Chilean Pipeline" because of the perch barrel shape of the wave. It can be observed on an outer island about a mile out to sea. Waves can hit a height of 15 feet or more. The last section of the wave breaks on dry reefs, which is why many surfers ride the wave with helmets. 




Location: El Granada, California


Highlights: Some of big-wave surfing's best moments are observed here. Swells can be as high as 30 feet and more. Those who have surfed it are adventurous devotees. Surfing in Northern California means less crowdedness because the water temperature is much colder. The waves that break at Mavericks can travel for days across deep water before breaking on the surface reef and crashing with an ear-shattering noise. Waves are fast and unpredictable. 


The Cave


Location: Ericeira, Portugal


Highlights: It may be one of the scariest waves in Europe, but The Cave makes one of the most perfectly shaped waves on the planet. Sea urchins and a reef are two reasons The Cave is so risky to surf. You'll see only professional surfers here, and most of them surf with helmets on.


These locations are only for professional surfers. We will never recommend you even consider kitesurfing on these waves until you are a pro. However, you can keep these locations on your bucket list to visit and enjoy the sea view.