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Crazyfly binary Bindings

The 2021 Crazyfly Binary Bindings is now for sale at KiteLine Kiteboarding.

Here is what Crazyfly has to say about the 2021 Crazyfly Binary Bindings.

The 2021 Crazyfly Binary Bindings come in the following size: One Size - Adjustable

The 2021 Crazyfly Binary Binding is the latest blend of comfort and simplicity. The 2021 Crazyfly Binary Binding has a great rider to board connection and provides cushy and snug fit. Adjustments to the footstrap of the 2021 Crazyfly Binary Bindings can be done quickly with one hand, even on the go. The 2021 Crazyfly Binary Bindings footstrap design is a bit narrower for riders who prefer to push the toes up when edging or jumping. The 2021 Crazyfly Binary Bindings footstrap offers a wide range of adjustability and also allows for comfortable use of neoprene boots. The 2021 Crazyfly Binary Bindings footstrap position can also be adjusted via the Binary Stix, which allow the footstrap to be moved towards the heel or towards the toes.

KiteLine 2021 Crazyfly Binary Bindings

The 2021 Crazyfly Binary Bindings footpad has a 3D ergonomic shape and dual density EVA for the best possible comfort and fit. The 3D shape includes arch support, toe grip and heel support. The pad can be moved in six directions: up and down, left and right, and also angled clockwise and counter clockwise. Our designers were hard at work to create the best possible ergonomic fit and hand picked premium materials for long lasting durability and luxurious comfort. The outdoor performance leather from Italy on 2021 Crazyfly Binary Bindings footstraps is extremely resistant to abrasion, sun rays and salt water. On top of premium materials, the 2021 Crazyfly Binary Bindings binding is made in Europe, in the CrazyFly factory.

2021 Crazyfly Binary Bindings Highlights

  • Unlimited adjustability
  • Premium materials
  • Diamond grip
  • Heel suspension
  • Fusion frame

2021 Crazyfly Binary Bindings Features

  • Big Adjustability - Options, Options, Options - The Binary footstrap offers a wide range of adjustability and also allows for comfortable use of neoprene boots, as the velcro is extra long. The Binary footstrap can be moved up or down and forward or backwards. The Hexa footpad can be moved in six directions. It can be moved up and down, left and right, and also angled clockwise and counter clockwise.
  • Binary Stix - Simple and Clean - The Binary Stix can be adjusted forward or backwards for the most comfortable footstrap position and offer quick adjustments of the footstrap, even on the go.
  • Diamond Grip - Ultimate Traction - The diamond grip concept is based on a combination of the main diamond shaped channels for water outflow and the micropores which direct water into the main channels. This technology ensures perfect water outflow from the pad to provide maximum grip.
  • Fusion Frame - Ultra Light Yet Rock Solid. - The Fusion Frame is an extremely strong injection molded plastic frame which surrounds the Hexa footpad and allows direct contact of the footpad with the board. This technology reduces weight and provides the best possible connection between the rider and the board.
  • Hexa Footpad - Comfortable In Every Detail - Extremely durable and comfortable pads, produced from the highest quality dual density EVA material. Layers of EVA create shock absorbing cushion under heel. The Hexa Footpad has ergonomic 3D shape for ultimate fit and comfort.
  • Premium Materials - Every Detail Matters - For unmatched comfort and durability of CrazyFly bindings, we have selected only the finest materials available. From the top, we picked premium leather on the footstraps cushioned with dual density EVA and lined with thick, soft and durable neoprene. The footpads are made with layers of dual density EVA, surrounded with extremely strong injection molded Fusion Frame. All plastic parts on the Hexa Bindings are made from DuPont Performance Polymers with superior toughness, stiffness and high impact resistance.

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