2021 "00" Cabrinha S-Quad

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2021 "00" Cabrinha S-Quad
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The 2021 "00" Cabrnha S-Quad is now for sale at KiteLine Kiteboarding.

Here is what Cabrinha has to say about the 2021 "00" Cabrnha S-Quad.

The 2021 "00" Cabrnha S-Quad comes in the following sizes:5’7” x 18.5” x 2.1” - 23.4 L / 5’9” x 19.1” x 2.2” - 26.3 L

The 2021 "00" Cabrnha S-Quad is our purest surf model. The 2021 "00" Cabrnha S-Quad has proven itself in some of the most iconic surf in the world.  From heaving barrels in Teahupo'o Tahiti, powerful lines at Cloudbreak Fiji, to the North Shore of Hawaii the 2021 "00" Cabrnha S-Quad is the go to board when power and speed are high on the list. The 2021 "00" Cabrnha S-Quad has a narrower, drawn out, outline for speed and a squash tail for release. The quad fin set-up on the 2021 "00" Cabrnha S-Quad is great for holding through a long bottom turn when needed but will transition to a snappy top turn on command. A modern classic for performance kite surfing, the 2021 "00" Cabrnha S-Quad is your best choice for down the line surfing.

KiteLine 2021 "00" Cabrnha S-Quad

2021 "00" Cabrnha S-Quad Design Profile

A narrow yet curvy outline, Fast rocker line and a quad fin set.

2021 "00" Cabrnha S-Quad Features

  • Power surfing performance
  • Exceptional grip and stability at high speed
  • Effortless rail to rail transition
  • Narrow yet curvy outline
  • Fast rocker line
  • Quad fin set

2021 "00" Cabrnha S-Quad Range of Use

KiteLine 2021 "00" Cabrnha S-Quad

2021 "00" Cabrnha S-Quad Technology

KiteLine 2021 "00" Cabrnha S-Quad

2021 "00" Cabrnha S-Quad Bamboo Surf Construction

KiteLine 2021 "00" Cabrnha S-Quad

2021 "00" Cabrnha S-Quad Packaging

KiteLine 2021 "00" Cabrnha S-Quad

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Included Items2021 "00" Cabrnha S-Quad Surfboard - Rear Deck Pad (NOTE: front pad and fins sold separately)
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