Kite Line 2019 Slingshot Turbine

2019 Slingshot Turbine

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2019 Slingshot Turbine

13 - 15 - 17 - 19m

Read more on what Slingshot says about the 2019 Slingshot Turbine

The 2019 Slingshot Turbine comes with more power per square meter than any other kite in our lineup! 

The 2019 Slingshot Turbine is a high-aspect, high-efficiency kite designed for hero-level shredding in wind as light as a mellow onshore breeze. 

2019 Slingshot Turbine Highlights

  • - High-aspect shape favors power, efficiency and low-end performance “Session saver”, a must-have for light wind locations 
  • - Long, lofty airs. Just sheet in and ride the elevator
  • - Freestyle friendly, has drift and carry, pulls like a tank
  • - Fine-tuned bridle helps with relaunching in low wind


2019 Slingshot Turbine Features

OPEN-C DELTA PROFILE - A shape that delivers light wind efficiency, big, lofty airs and a crazy amount of low-end grunt.

ONE PUMP SPEED SYSTEM - A Slingshot original, One Pump reduces inflation time and makes your job of getting pumped up and on the water faster and easier.

SPLIT STRUT CANOPY - Split Strut is a Slingshot innovation that integrates the struts into the canopy as opposed to the canopy being sewn on over the struts. Split Strut gives the kite better rigidity and stability and allows for lighter, more aerodynamic strut construction.

BOMBER SLINGSHOT CONSTRUCTION - Strategic panel and seam layout, reinforced stitching, Kevlar skuff patches, rip-stop canopy, D2 trailing edge, premium polyurethane bladders and much more make Slingshot kites the most durable on the market.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR RIDE - Multiple attachment points on the leading and trailing allow you to change and fine-tune the kite’s handling and performance based on your preferences, riding style and the conditions.

FIVE POINT BRIDLE - The Turbine features a five-point cascading bridle and optimized leading edge and strut design. This configuration is engineered to give the kite stability and structure and provide easy relaunch in all wind conditions.

2019 Slingshot Turbine Product Details

Additional Information

Type 2019 Slingshot Turbine
Summary The 2019 Slingshot Turbine is a high-aspect, high-efficiency kite!!!
Sales Call for Multiple Kite & Board Sales
Included Items 2019 Slingshot Turbine Kite
Colors Available See Image
Manufacturer Slingshot

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