Kite Line 2019 Naish Monarch Kiteboard

2019 Naish Monarch

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2019 Naish Monarch Kiteboard


Size Length Width Fin
132 x 41 132 cm 41 cm 4 cm IXEF Fins
135 x 41.5 135 cm 41.5 cm 4 cm IXEF Fins
138 x 42 138 cm 42 cm 4 cm IXEF Fins
142 x 42.5 142 cm 42.5 cm 4 cm IXEF Fins


Here's what Naish says about the 2019 Naish Monarch Kiteboard


The 2019 Naish Monarch Kiteboard has built a loyal following of freestyle kiters all over the world thanks to its state-of-the-art, no-compromise freestyle design. Delivering direct power for upwind drive and explosive pop on demand, the 2019 Naish Monarch Kiteboard is the board Kevin Langeree chooses to ride when pushing the limits of big air kiteboarding. The 2019 Naish Monarch Kiteboards defined edges, powerfully engineered stiff flex and deep channels provide outstanding grip—even when at speed in choppy water. A lightweight basalt fiber construction gives the 2019 Naish Monarch Kiteboard an incredible strength-to-weight ratio and responsive flex.



Its radiated Carbon V delivers insane pop when loading for freestyle maneuvers or huge jumps. The 2019 Naish Monarch Kiteboards performance proven 3D bottom shape is composed of beveled channel rails and steep quad tips for increased tracking and phenomenal edging. The 2019 Naish Monarch Kiteboards reduced concave in the center section improves water entry and optimized flex between the rider’s feet. Highly engineered and sleek in design, this 2019 Naish Monarch Kiteboard is ready to perform to the rigorous demands of every bold kiteboarder



2019 Naish Monarch Kiteboard Highlights


- Freestyle Rocket = Powerful + fast riding + aggressive pop + lively feel
- Double Basalt Fiber = Strong + lightweight + lively response & flex characteristics
- FTC 2.0 (Flex Torsion Control) = Optimized stiffness in both the axial & torsional axis + superior control
- Low Flex = Powerful & responsive handling
- 10-degree Angle Fin Platform = Superior Grip


2019 Naish Monarch Kiteboard Construction



2019 Naish Monarch Kiteboard Features



2019 Naish Monarch Kiteboard Bottom Shaping



Additional Information

Type 2019 Naish Monarch Twin Tip - Pro Performance Freestyle
Summary The 2019 Naish Monarch has built a loyal following of freestyle kiters all over the world thanks to its state-of-the-art, no-compromise freestyle design!
Sales Call for Multiple Kite & Board Sales
Included Items 2019 Naish Monarch Kiteboard
Colors Available See Image
Manufacturer Naish

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