Kite Line 2019 Flysurfer FlyDoor 6 Kiteboard

2019 Flysurfer FlyDoor 6

Color: yellow/black

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2019 Flysurfer FlyDoor 6 Kiteboard


160 x 44cm / 170 x 50cm


Here's what Flysurfer says about the 2019 Flysurfer FlyDoor 6 Kiteboard


The 2019 Flysurfer FlyDoor 6 Kiteboard is efficient, light and forgiving – the personification of a light wind board. The 2019 Flysurfer FlyDoor 6 Kiteboards shape allows for playful riding, goes upwind easily and offers a highly comfortable ride with very good planing characteristics. The 2019 Flysurfer FlyDoor 6 Kiteboard will increase your number of days on the water and experience pure riding comfort in the lightest breeze.



Efficiency is critical in light wind riding – we focus on performance in product design to get you out as often as possible on the water. The 2019 Flysurfer FlyDoor 6 Kiteboards core is based off a solid paulownia wood core with an tailored double concave, which cleverly contributes to weight optimization and early planing. The asymmetric outline lets you cut through choppy water with ease. The adapted flex, improves the edge grip of the board as the wind increases.



The 2019 Flysurfer FlyDoor 6 Kiteboard board line is designed for those who want to maximize their time on the water not only with relaxed lightwind cruising. Playful and forgiving, with excellent planing characteristics and effortless upwind performance, developed for those wanting to make the most of light winds.



2019 Flysurfer FlyDoor 6 Kiteboard Features


FULL WOOD CORE - The FLYDOOR6 is built with a full-length wood core made of ecologically grown paulownia wood. This guarantees the optimal mix of flex, responsiveness and dynamic recovery force in the board, while retaining huge amounts of strength and durability.

CONSTANT CURVE ROCKER - Our Constant Curve Rocker ensures maximum performance on demand. The shape gives you precise feedback, constant grip and control even in the toughest conditions or whilst riding at full speed.

ADAPTED DOUBLE CONCAVE - The Adapted Double Concave allows for exceptionally early planing. Upwind riding is comfortable and effortless.

FLEX DISTRIBUTION - The 3D sandwich construction and biaxial laminate around the woodcore provides the necessary torsional stiffness and durability. This construction gives the board plenty of flex in the tip area while reducing flex in the core of the board. Giving you more direct board feedback and more performance without compromising smoothness.

SCRATCHPROOF TOPSHEET - All of our boards have a special high-quality UV and scratch-resistant coating, thus offering a long product life. The graphic design is protected under the coating, so that it does not get damaged if the board is slightly scratched.

ERGONOMIC TOESIDE - The asymmetric outline uses a rounder and shorter toe-side outline. This increases control when riding toe-side and provides increased manoeuvrability while carving.


Additional Information

Type 2019 Flysurfer FlyDoor 6 - Light Wind / Freeride
Summary The 2019 Flysurfer FlyDoor 6 Kiteboards shape allows for playful riding, goes upwind easily and offers a highly comfortable ride with very good planing characteristics!
Sales Call for Multiple Kite & Board Sales
Included Items 2019 Flysurfer FlyDoor 6 Twintip Kiteboard, fins, pads/straps
Colors Available See Image
Manufacturer Flysurfer

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