Kite Line 2019 F-One Spicy

2019 F-One Spicy

Color: yellow/black

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2019 F-One Spicy


138 x 42cm 


Here's what F-One says about the 2019 F-One Spicy


The 2019 F-One Spicy is a truly uncompromised wakestyle board and it therefore features a unique wakestyle shape developed for bindings. The 2019 F-One Spicy board is rock solid with heavy duty wake type inserts. To accomodate the higher 2019 F-One Spicy board thickness F-ONE introduces the Hybrid Cap Rails technology. This construction process cleverly combines the sleek line and perfect grip of the construction with the toughness and durability of an ABS sidewall. 



Despite its high volume the 2019 F-One Spicy remains light thanks to its 3D dual core using both Paulownia wood and closed cell foam to keep the weight down to ensure a maximum flexibility without compromising strength. The Composite laminate of the 2019 F-One Spicy features fibers for an explosive pop. Both the rockerline and outline are very roundy in between the feet to offer ultra soft landings, some massive grip to pop and perfect speed control especially when riding unhooked. The 2019 F-One Spicy board receives a V double concave bottom to provide super edging and direct the water out during the landings.



This provides a smooth and stable touch down while the natural V makes the 2019 F-One Spicy board more forgiving. Tip channels have also been introduced to further improve the grip and make the pop super efficient. The specific design developed for bindings and wakestyle, the 2019 F-One Spicy offers perfect speed control for easy unhooked riding and an explosive pop with more stable landings. It is the perfect 2019 F-One Spicy board for the most radical riders, whether at sea with the kite or at the cable park.



2019 F-One Spicy Highlights


- Uncompromised Wakestyle Board
- Unique Shape Developed For Bindings
- Explosive Pop
- Perfect Speed Control
- Ultra-Soft Landing
- Ideal Swift Control
- Forgiving With Superior Durability


2019 F-One Spicy Technology


Lifted Tip Channels - These channels help provide superior grip towards the tip of the board and are designed to be super-efficient during the pop. To form the channels, the tip of the board is raised in its central part, therefore creating added lift locally to the rocker of the board for better pop and easier landings.


Dual Core - DUAL CORE technology is the combination of wood and closed-cell foam to achieve a core of ideal stiffness and weight. Wake style boards required higher volume and therefore more thickness. So in order to keep the weight down, closed-cell foam is used as core material in low stress areas of the board while wood remains in high loads areas to get a durable board with a perfectly tuned flex. 


Double Concave - The V double concave bottom shapes combines a general V with two concave channels on each side of the center line. The V provides maneuverability while the concave channel the water along the board. The result is a lively board providing a comfortable ride with easy landings.


Hybrid Cap Rails ABS - HYBRID CAP RAIL  is a construction process which cleverly combines the sleek lines and perfect grip of a cap construction rail with the toughness and durability of an ABS rail. As on a cap construction, the deck comes down towards the rail but finishes on a rounded ABS sidewall providing a shape similar to a surf style rail.


2019 F-One Spicy Construction



Additional Information

Type 2019 F-One Spicy - Uncompromised Wakestyle Board!
Summary The 2019 F-One Spicy is a truly uncompromised wakestyle board and it therefore features a unique wakestyle shape developed for bindings!
Sales Call for Multiple Kite & Board Sales
Included Items 2019 F-One Spicy - G-10 Fins
Colors Available See Image
Manufacturer F-One

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