Kite Line 2018/19 Naish Ride Kite

2018/19 Naish Ride Kite (Kite Only)

Color: yellow/black

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Price From: $880.00

2018/19 Naish Ride Kite


4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14


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Effortless and accessible, the 2018/19 Naish Ride Kite is a fast favorite among riders of all levels. Ideal for those looking to progress their skills quickly, the 2018/19 Naish Ride Kites open center section of this lightweight, two-strut design delivers superior low-end performance and maintains smooth power delivery through turns.



Easy water relaunch of the 2018/19 Naish Ride Kite provides added convenience while a slightly flattened arc generates more lift for easy jumping and “sheet-in-and-go” feel. The 2018/19 Naish Ride Kite is a consistent performer with incredible control, its versatility will have both new and experienced kiters choosing the Ride as their “go-to” kite for a wide range of styles.



2018/19 Naish Ride Kite "What's New"


  • Bladder Lock - Secures bladders ends and prevents slippage
  • HT Plus - Strong, high-tensile thread fortifies the leading edge


2018/19 Naish Ride Kite Highlights


  • Quad Tex Ripstop Fabric = Most advanced Kite canopy on the market
  • Shark Teeth Trailing Edge = reduces weight while minimizing & dispersing canopy flutter
  • High-flow valve = One way valve for reduced frictional force + easy inflation + immediate deflation
  • Two-strut design = Lightweight + amazing low-end power
  • “Sheet-in-and-go” feel & easy jumping
  • Superior low-end performance
  • Incredible wing stability while resting on the water
  • Effortless water relaunch


2018/19 Naish Ride Kite Features



2018/19 Naish Ride Kite Technology



2018/19 Naish Ride Kite Construction



2018/19 Naish Ride Kite Characteristics



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Additional Information

Type All-around Freeride
Summary The 2018/19 Naish Ride Kite is a fast favorite among riders of all levels!
Sales Call for multiple Kite & Board Sales
Included Items 2018/19 Naish Ride Kite
Colors Available See Image
Manufacturer Naish

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