Kite Line 2017 HQ Topaz Kite

2017 HQ Topaz Kite (Kite Only)

Color: yellow/black

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Price From: $1,099.00

2017 HQ Topaz Kite


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The 2017 HQ Topaz Kite is a versatile, perfectly balanced freeride + freestyle kite. The 3 strut design of the 2017 HQ Topaz Kite is built strong enough to withstand the toughest moves. Reinforcements on the leading edge and wing-tips guarantee a long life. The 2017 HQ Topaz Kite provides high kiteloops and unhooked moves without suffering from a small wind range and rider comfort. Looking for a freeride kite with ability to perform freestyle moves - The 2017 HQ Topaz Kite delivers. The smaller sizes are especially impressive for their massive lift and fast acceleration. 



2017 HQ Topaz Kite Performance


The 2017 HQ Topaz Kite is a fun machine and can be flown from smooth to radical without overwhelming the pilot. Power on demand and can be increased by actively flying the kite. For a kite of this class, the 2017 HQ Topaz Kite shows a great light wind performance. 



2017 HQ Topaz Kite Shape


The 2017 HQ Topaz Kite is a 3 strut open-C shape. The 2017 HQ Topaz Kites configuration of the leading edge provides easy water starts, loads of depowerable performance and maximum riding comfort.



2017 HQ Topaz Kite Bridal


The bridle of the 2017 HQ Topaz Kite was kept short for direct feedback and quick steering. It also reduces possibility of tangling around the wingtip. 


2017 HQ Topaz Kite Material


The material mix of the 2017 HQ Topaz Kite is designed to withstand incredible forces. The 2017 HQ Topaz Kites frame of the kite is made of extra strong Dacron to ensure optimal feedback and responsiveness from the kite. Kevlar patches on the leading edge help to protect against chafing and the Tejin sailcloth guaranties color fastness and durability.  


Additional Information

Type Freeride / Freestyle
Summary The 2017 HQ Topaz Kite is a versatile, perfectly balanced freeride + freestyle kite.
Sales Call for Multiple Kite & Board Sales
Included Items 2017 HQ Topaz Kite
Colors Available No
Manufacturer HQ

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