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Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) began in the 1960s and has recently become very popular. Surfers use stand up paddleboards for training, photographers use SUPs to position themselves for great pictures, and others use SUPs for recreation and sport. Its popularity is most likely attributed to how easy it is to learn and get started since beginners can become comfortable and confident in under an hour of training and practice. Stand up paddle boarding is also incredibly popular with women. Some surfers have even switched to stand up paddle boards because it allows them to get into position to catch waves much faster.

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  1. Kite Line Ocean Rodeo Ignite Drysuit

    Ocean Rodeo Ignite Drysuit


    The Ocean Rodeo Ignite Drysuit features our revolutionary Captive Zip design (patent pending), the Ignite design has merged dry-suit water integrity with the comfort of traditional foul weather pant/jacket combinations. When worn in “full dry” mode, the Ignite is 100% dry – go ahead, jump in and play with the penguins. If conditions back off or you’re taking a break between sessions, the Ocean Rodeo Ignite Drysuit is quickly converted to “standby mode” by unzipping the dry zip and removing the neck seal. With the neck off and the over jacket zipped up, the Ignite provides ventilation and protection on par with leading two piece pant / jacket foul weather gear ensembles. The unique dry zip design allows zipping and unzipping while wearing your PFD (always wear a PFD).



    Loaded with expedition style features, the Ocean Rodeo Ignite Drysuit is designed to be worn for extended periods of time above and beyond a quick after work session. Whether you are kiting through winter, expedition SUP’ing, or testing your limits sailing across the Atlantic, the Ignite delivers the highest levels of comfort, durability and all weather marine protection, blurring the line between dry-suits and foul weather gear. As added security we’ve added a “wader” belt at the waist to restrict water entry into the lower suit due to accidental submersion when worn in standby mode.



    Other premium features include padded knees, removable neoprene lined hood with fast drainage design, attached soft socks, recoil Velcro cinches at wrists and ankles. The Ocean Rodeo Ignite Drysuit is fitted with a one- atmosphere jacket zip, storm cuffs and ankles and an ultra-high all weather collar.



    Ocean Rodeo Ignite Drysuit Features


    • Stand-by, Foul Weather, or Full Dry-suit mode
    • German made T-zip Masterseal main dry zip and relief zip.
    • Captive over flap jacket zip, One atmosphere PK zip with stainless slider.
    • Attached dry socks.
    • Hand pockets, inside jacket flap stash pocket.
    • 420 Denier abrasion overlays at knees, buttocks and crotch.
    • Wrist overlays with Velcro cinch to seal gloves.
    • Lower leg overlays with Velcro cinch to seal boots.
    • Ultra-high all-weather collar, with hold down snaps.
    • Reflective patches and piping.
    • Captive Zip self entry, crotch relief zip and removable hood.
    • Made with PROVEN salt water resistant dry suit specific waterproof breathable material. Now in our 8th year of using this fabric.
    • Adjustable, removable suspenders.
    • Trim to fit, Polytex neck and wrist seals – latex blended with PU for the best UV resistance and comfort.

    Ocean Rodeo Ignite Drysuit Tech


    Ocean Rodeo Ignite Drysuit Size Chart


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  2. Kite Line 2015 Slingshot Rant SUP

    2015 Slingshot Rant SUP


    Special Price: $1,087.00

    The 2015 Slingshot Rant SUP board is flat under foot then progresses to an aggressive “V” spine. The flatness under foot allows the board to track straight but the “V” spine allows you to carve when you want to. The stability allows you to ride everything from a point break to a blown out beach break. This board is stable and responsive. Based on Slingshot’s Future Response Technology the Rant is built with Wood Veneer Sandwich Construction (WVS). This proprietary construction controls the durability and flex of the board and the result is a proven lightweight, impact resistant board. The 2015 Slingshot Rant SUP series is an all new short-board style stand up paddleboard designed for riding waves at the beach or behind the boat. The Rant’s aggressive surf shape also maintains unmatched stability in its class, making it a great all around board. From small to overhead waves these boards are made to drive down the line and have a snappy feel in the turn. The swallow tail design reduces the surface area providing a great deal of control into and out of turns. 



    2015 Slingshot Rant Features



    2015 Slingshot Rant Rider Profile


    Intermediate to Advanced surf style. Ideal for paddlers looking for Drive, Speed, and Control


    2015 Slingshot Rant Deminsions

    Length 8'6" / Width 29.5" / Thickness 4.5" / Volume 136 L / Suggested Max Weight 180 Lbs

    Length 9'0" / Width 29." / Thickness 4.5" / Volume 141 L / Suggested Max Weight 220 Lbs

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  3. Kite Line 2015 Slingshot Crossbreed SUP

    2015 Slingshot Crossbreed SUP

    Price From:


    Special Price: $1,119.00

    The 2015 Slingshot Crossbreed cuts through the chop, makes turns easily and handles knee to waist high surf due to the V spine bottom shape. The Crossbreed is the ultimate crossover of an all-around and performance touring board. Based on Slingshot’s Future Response Technology the Crossbreed is built with Wood Veneer Sandwich Construction (WVS). This proprietary construction controls the durability and flex of the board and the result is a proven lightweight, impact resistant board. The 2015 Crossbreed is a true HIGH PERFORMANCE ALL AROUND BOARD and is as stable and forgiving as they come. This wide frame will give the wariest of paddler’s full confidence in any condition. The pulled in displacement style nose and a fuller, harder tucked rail is designed to deliver excellent touring performance and all around user friendliness.

    2015 Slingshot Crossbreed Features

    2015 Slingshot Crossbreed Rider Profile

    The 2015 Slingshot Crossbreed is perfect for riders or athletes who want a board that performs well across a variety of water conditions 

    2015 Slingshot Crossbreed Deminsions

    Length 12'6" / Width 33" / Thickness 5.8" / Volume 312 L / Suggested Max Weight 300 Lbs

    Length 11'0" / Width 4.8" / Thickness 4.8" / Volume 230 L / Suggested Max Weight 250 Lbs


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  4. Kite Line 2015 Slingshot Air-Tech Crossbreed

    2015 Slingshot Air-Tech Crossbreed Inflatable SUP


    Special Price: $1,039.00

    The all new 2015 Slingshot Air-Tech Crossbreed is our inflatable version of our Crossbreed. It is a true HIGH PERFORMANCE ALL AROUND BOARD. The Crossbreed is our most stable, forgiving, convenient, and versatile inflatable board. 

    New Advanced Inflatable Technology

    Built with the latest advancements in material science. Our new Air-Tech drop stitch technology is lighter, flatter and more stable than older technologies. Air-Tech is the secret drop stitch ingredient that separates our boards from the rest in the market. It allows us to deliver boards with hard board rockers and shapes in an inflatable construction. We have also advanced the science for the outer material. SK-IN is our new heat laminated triple layer sandwich construction technique that delivers a clean, durable frame for a stiffer board at higher PSI. The Air-tech Crossbreed with SK-IN will give you all the performance of a hard board with the convenience of an inflatable 



    2015 Slingshot Air-Tech Crossbreed Features



    2015 Slingshot Air-Tech Crossbreed Construction



    2015 Slingshot Air-Tech Crossbreed Rider Profile


    The 2015 Slingshot Air-Tech Crossbreed SUP board is perfect for paddlers and athletes who want a lightwieght board that performs well across a variety of water conditions with the convenience of being an inflatable. Go fast on flat water and have fun on small size surf. The Crossbreed is a boar they will never outgrow.  


    2015 Slingshot Air-Tech Crossbreed Deminsions


    Length 12'6" / Width 34.5" / Thickness 6" / Volume 365 L / Suggested Max Weight 250 Lbs

    Length 11'0" / Width 34.5" / Thickness 6" / Volume 320 L / Suggested Max Weight 250 Lbs


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  5. Kite Line 2014 Slingshot Nitro SUP Race Board

    2014 Slingshot Nitro SUP Race Board

    Price From:


    Special Price: $1,199.00

    The 2014 Slingshot Nitro SUP Race Board is the perfect combination of speed and stability. The Carbon Epoxy Sandwich construction is strong and lightweight.  Based on Slingshot’s Future Response Technology the Nitro is built with Carbon Wood Veneer Sandwich Construction (CWVS). This proprietary construction controls the durability, flex and overall strength of the board without adding extra weight.



    The result is a proven lightweight, impact resistant board. Over the past 3 years countless hours have been spent refining the nose design into a ‘hatchet nose‘ that literally pierces the water to minimize drag and maximize glide. Couple that with an innovative double concave planning hull that optimizes stability and control, the result is pure speed. 


    2014 Slingshot Nitro SUP Race Board Features


    Breakthrough hull design that allows for independent foot stability and increased speed, control and stroke efficiency.


    Cuts and moves water clean to the sides for minimal drag and increased speed.


    The deck literally sheds water that may come over the nose, providing dry, open and efficient area that holds feet for buoy turns and drop backs.


    Minimizes friction by reducing contact with the water to essential hull surfaces producing less resistance and more speed. Releases the tail increasing the rocker at the rail line allowing for easier turns.


    Provides surface and planing area to maintain speed and lift. Allows for more pivotal turns.


    Comfortable, high density traction material with uniform support.


    Manually open and close vent plug to allow your board to ‘breath’, equalizing internal and external pressure from heat and atmospheric pressure changes.


    Allows for securing person items on the board. Bungee system sold separately.


    Designed with plenty of room to naturally fit the curve of your fingers, the flush mount carry handle makes it easy and comfortable to carry the board.




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Kite-Line carries all the latest and greatest stand up paddle board products including paddleboards, paddles, accessories and DVDs from the top brands in the industry. With a full selection of beginner and advanced boards from Slingshot and Cabrinha you’re sure to find a new board that meets your needs. We also carry a selection of different paddles from top brands like Slingshot. You are sure to find everything you need to get geared up and ready for your next paddle boarding trip right here at Kite-Line at great prices.