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Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) began in the 1960s and has recently become very popular. Surfers use stand up paddleboards for training, photographers use SUPs to position themselves for great pictures, and others use SUPs for recreation and sport. Its popularity is most likely attributed to how easy it is to learn and get started since beginners can become comfortable and confident in under an hour of training and practice. Stand up paddle boarding is also incredibly popular with women. Some surfers have even switched to stand up paddle boards because it allows them to get into position to catch waves much faster.

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  1. That First Glide

    That First Glide


    That First Glide

    by Mike Waltze Productions

    By Mike Waltze: The sport of Stand Up Paddle seems to have popped up out of nowhere. The truth is, the sport has deep roots in both early Polynesian and Hawaiian History as it is truly a combination of outrigger paddling and surfing.

    The first regular Stand Up Paddle enthusiasts were playing around in Waikiki as early as 1939, when Duke Kahnomoku used to stand up on an australian surf ski. Later, in the 60's and 70's guys like John Ah Choy and John Zapotocki used to do the sport regularly up into the late 90's until they finally were getting to old to keep surfing.
    Around that Same time, Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama played around with paddles on Maui and although at first no one seemed to take notice, it wasn't long before the sport was attracting all sorts of users from all over the world.
    Now, Stand Up Paddling is done almost everwhere there is water, and the sport has gone in multiple directions. Some people like the excercise and weight loss aspects in flat water, others like to race, and the most extreme are taking the boards out into the waves. Filmed in Hawaii, Fiji, and Tahiti, That First Glide is a must see movie for everyone and features most of the premier athletes that got the sport off the ground.

    74 minutes plus bonus tracks. Available Now

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  2. Standup Paddleboarding

    Standup Paddleboarding


    Standup Paddleboarding

    SUP instruction by Real Watersports

    In typical Real Kiteboarding fashion (aka Real Watersports), they have released the ultimate comprehensive standup paddleboarding instructional DVD. They cover absolutely everything, from gear choices and setup, to all the basic instruction, on into advanced paddling and riding waves. Here are the section


    Board Types, Board Constructions, Fin Choices, Paddles, Wax, Deckpads, Leashes, Wetsuits, Booties, Sun Protection

    Gear Set Up:

    Proper Wax Choice and Application, Installing a Deckpad, Installing leash and fin, Choosing Your Paddle, Paddle Sizing

    The Basics:

    Standing Up, Proper Stance, Holding the Paddle, Paddling Technique, Using the Paddle for Balance, How to Fall

    First Session:

    Flatwater Session, Basics Review, Finding the Sweet Spot, Advanced Paddling, Turning Techniques, Aggressive Turning

    >Wave Session:

    Flatwater Review, Paddling over Whitewater, Waiting for Waves, Catching Waves, Riding Waves, Exiting Waves, Falling in the Surf

    Bonus Section:

    Standup Etiquette, Jimmy Lewis Surf and Standups, Real BVI Slideshow, Cape Hatteras Bonus Footage

    Standup Paddleboarding - $29.95

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  3. Standup Paddle Surfing Vol. 2

    Standup Paddle Surfing Vol. 2


    Stand Up Paddle Surfing

    Volume 2, By Premier Productions

    Get ready as the world's top watermen take you step-by-step from basic wave riding techniques to advanced maneuvers. Plus pro-tips, racing techniques, exotic travel, and tons of insane action in between. Bonus features include: Making Of, additional action segments, and tons more. It's what'SUP.

    And if you're not ready for the waves yet, don't forget basic to intermediate instruction in Volume One:

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  4. Standup Paddle Surfing Vol. 1

    Standup Paddle Surfing Vol. 1


    Stand Up Paddle Surfing Vol. 1

    The Ultimate HOW-TO Stand Up Paddle series.

    Now you can Master the Art of the ancient Hawaiian surfers- STAND UP PADDLE SURFING.

    Premier Productions, producers of Award Winning "HOW- TO" videos (RAVE, SPEED IQ, BOOST & UNLEASHED, THE FORCE,LIQUID THUNDER AT JAWS & CRAZY DAYS) present a radical
    "How-To Stand Up Paddle Surf" video from the shores of Hawaii.

    In Volume One, some of Hawaii's top watermen take you step-by-step from first time basics to intermediate riding, with Pro Tips and tons of action in-between.

    Feauturing: Brian Keauhulana, Todd Bradley, Dave Parmenter plus Hawaiis top riders.

    Filmed using special camera mounts, "S.U.P.S" will put you in the pilots seat for the ride of a lifetime.

    When you're ready for the waves, get on board with Volume 2 for the ultimate in SUP wave instruction and action.


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  5. Kite Line Slingshot Versa Fin Set

    Slingshot Versa Fin Set


    Slingshot Versa Fin Set - Explore the Options

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  6. Kite Line Slingshot SUP Quad Fin Pack

    Slingshot SUP Quad Fin Pack


    Slingshot SUP Quad Fin Pack

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  7. Kite Line Slingshot SUP Deck Splash Bag

    Slingshot SUP Deck Splash Bag


    Slingshot SUP Deck Splash Bag - Water Resistant Deck Bag

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  8. Kite Line Slingshot SUP 9" Fin

    Slingshot SUP 9" Fin


    Slingshot SUP 9" Fin - SUP Surf Style Fin

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  9. Kite Line Slingshot SP/Rant Fin Set

    Slingshot SP/Rant Fin Set


    Slingshot SP/Rant Fin Set - Thruster Fin Set

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  10. Kite Line Slingshot Rant 9'0" SUP

    Slingshot Rant 9'0" SUP


    Slingshot Rant 9'0" SUP


    Read more on what Slingshot says about the Slingshot Rant 9'0" SUP


    This sleek Slingshot Rant 9'0" SUP is our dedicated SUP surfer capable of handling any wave you’re willing to paddle into. The Slingshot Rant 9'0" SUP features a slender profile and aggressive bottom and rail contour designed for superior high speed handling and aggressive edge to edge carving. If you’re serious about upping your SUP game in the waves, the Slingshot Rant 9'0" SUP is the board to do it with. 


    Slingshot Rant 9'0" SUP Features


    • Tackle any break with a board designed for serious SUP surfing 
    • Less pearling, easier paddle out with the Rant’s scooped nose 
    • Stay straight: The Rant tracks exceptionally well thanks to fin configuration, V-Spine bottom and tucked rail 
    • Customizable fin configuration with five fin boxes 
    • Light weight construction means less yank when you crash in the waves


    Slingshot Rant 9'0" SUP Product Details



    Slingshot Rant 9'0" SUP shape: 
    The Slingshot Rant 9'0" SUP is shaped to provide stability when paddling into the lineup, speed when driving down the line and ultimate maneuverability when turning edge-to-edge and carving waves. The Slingshot Rant 9'0" SUP’s swallowtail design gives the board a snappy feel and helps maintain speed in mushy or small conditions, while a kicked-up nose allows for steep, late drops without pearling and an easier paddle out through white water. The Slingshot Rant 9'0" SUP's bottom-shape progresses from flat underfoot to a V-Spine toward the back, resulting in a board that tracks well in calm water and carves nicely in the surf. The Slingshot Rant 9'0" SUP comes stock with a three-fin FCS pack, but is configured with five fin boxes to gives riders the ability to configure their board in several ways – single fin, twin fin, thruster, quad fin or five fin. 

    Slingshot Rant 9'0" SUP construction:
    The Slingshot Rant 9'0" SUP is built with a proprietary Wood Veneer Sandwich Construction, which controls durability and flex and creates a light and impact resistant board. It comes equipped with a full cockpit-length EVA pad for traction, a vent plug to manually equalize internal pressure due to heat and atmospheric pressure changes and five FCS fins (a 4.5” center fin and two 5.25” asymmetrical side fins).

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Kite-Line carries all the latest and greatest stand up paddle board products including paddleboards, paddles, accessories and DVDs from the top brands in the industry. With a full selection of beginner and advanced boards from Slingshot and Cabrinha you’re sure to find a new board that meets your needs. We also carry a selection of different paddles from top brands like Slingshot. You are sure to find everything you need to get geared up and ready for your next paddle boarding trip right here at Kite-Line at great prices.