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Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) began in the 1960s and has recently become very popular. Surfers use stand up paddleboards for training, photographers use SUPs to position themselves for great pictures, and others use SUPs for recreation and sport. Its popularity is most likely attributed to how easy it is to learn and get started since beginners can become comfortable and confident in under an hour of training and practice. Stand up paddle boarding is also incredibly popular with women. Some surfers have even switched to stand up paddle boards because it allows them to get into position to catch waves much faster.

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  1. Kite Line 2016 Slingshot Slingblade SUP Paddle

    2016 Slingshot Slingblade SUP Paddle


    2016 Slingshot Slingblade SUP Paddle


    Read more about what Slingshot says about the 2016 Slingshot Slingblade SUP Paddle


    The 2016 Slingshot Slingblade SUP Paddle carbon fiber Slingblade is Slingshot’s premier high-performance paddle. Cut to custom length (max height 85”) and weighing just 21.8 ounces, the 2016 Slingshot Slingblade SUP Paddle delivers ultimate performance, flex, durability and drive for those unwilling to compromise with anything but the best.


    2016 Slingshot Slingblade SUP Paddle Features and Sizing


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Kite-Line carries all the latest and greatest stand up paddle board products including paddleboards, paddles, accessories and DVDs from the top brands in the industry. With a full selection of beginner and advanced boards from Slingshot and Cabrinha you’re sure to find a new board that meets your needs. We also carry a selection of different paddles from top brands like Slingshot. You are sure to find everything you need to get geared up and ready for your next paddle boarding trip right here at Kite-Line at great prices.