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Stand up paddle boarding is great because all you need is a board, a paddle, and the water. Get the perfect stand up paddle boarding paddle for your new SUP board from and get back out on the water. We carry a selection of paddle board paddles for you to choose from. When choosing a paddle, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is the length, and most paddles are adjustable, but some are not, so if you buy a non-adjustable paddle, make sure you choose the right length for your height. The second thing to note is how heavy the paddle is – heavier paddles will be harder to use the longer you’re on the water, and lighter paddles will keep you on the water longer, and are much more maneuverable. The last thing to note is the blade of the paddle, which can be a different size, curvature, or angle depending on the type of paddle. Make sure it is suitable to your riding style and experience level.

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  1. Kite Line 2014 Naish Kaholo Paddle

    2014 Naish Kaholo SUP Paddle


    The 2014 Naish Kaholo  Paddle is ideal for committed paddlers looking for a full carbon, mega-lightweight paddle for performance racing, wave riding and touring versatility.



    The 2014 Naish Kaholo Paddle is a 100% 3K pre-preg carbon blade eliminates blade flutter and makes it extremely stable for fast catch and water release.  The 100% 3K pre-preg carbon shaft offers optimum shaft stiffness for incredible stroke power.


    2014 Naish Kaholo Paddle Features

    • Anti-twist Vario System = Easy length adjustment + perfect blade/handle alignment
    • Cut-to-length Alignment Measurements (on Fixed) = Perfect blade/handle alignment
    • Tahitian T-handle = Traction grip coating + power transfer design + low profile + lightweight
    • ABS Rail = Built in blade edge protection
    • Premium Blade Cover = Protection for transporting

    2014 Naish Kaholo Paddle Construction



    • 100% 3K Pre-preg Carbon = Ultra light + durable
    • Filament-wound Carbon Reinforcement = 3D grip in lower hand area + reinforcement in critical areas


    • 100% 3K Pre-preg Carbon = Ultra light + durable
    • High Temperature Pre-preg Molding = Optimized resin content & cure +  impact resistant
    • Precision Cut CNC HD Core = Absolute precision shaping

    2014 Naish Kaholo Paddle Specs


    2014 Naish Kaholo Paddle Sizes


    8.0 Vario RDS
    8.5 Vario SDS
    9.0 Vario SDS

    8.0 Fixed RDS
    8.5 Fixed SDS
    9.0 Fixed SDS


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