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Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone because it is very easy to pick up and learn. Men, women, and children enjoy stand up paddle boarding because it offers a mix of surfing, kayaking, balance, and fun! It is becoming more and more popular, and even some pro surfers are switching to stand up paddle boarding because of how much easier it is to get into position to catch a wave. You also need very little gear to get started, a board, a paddle, and a bathing suit and you are good to go.

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  1. Kite Line 2015 Naish Nitro 14'

    2015 Slingshot Nitro 14' SUP


    The 2015 Slingshot Nitro 14’ SUP race board is designed for speed without sacrificing user comfort and stability; giving the paddler the ultimate ride for long distance paddling in all conditions. The Carbon Epoxy Sandwich construction is strong and lightweight. Based on Slingshot’s Future Response Technology, the Nitro is built with Carbon Wood Veneer Sandwich Construction (CWVS). This proprietary construction controls the durability, flex and overall strength of the board without adding extra weight. The result is a proven lightweight, impact resistant board. The Nitro is the ultimate combination of efficiency and comfort. The 2015 bow has been redesigned with a new sleek low profile that slices through all water conditions. The innovative double concave planning hull optimizes stability and control.

    2015 Slingshot Nitro 14' SUP Features



    2015 Slingshot Nitro 14' SUP Rider Profile


    Perfect for Paddelers and Racers looking for maximum speed without sacraficing stability


    2015 Slingshot Nitro 14' SUP Dimensions


    Length 14' / Width 26 3/4" / Volume 263.7 L / Thickness 6 5/16" / Suggested Max Weight 210 Lbs


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The most important piece of equipment you will need is obviously a paddle board. Kite-line offers a hand-picked selection of paddle boards from top manufacturers like Cabrinha and Jimmy Lewis. Beginner paddle boarders should use a wider, flatter board, which offers more stability and is easier to balance on. Check out the Slingshot Crossbreed paddle board which is a good board for beginners through advanced paddle boarders because it combines a longer board with an aggressive racing-inspired design. This board is easy to balance on because of the size, yet is easy to maneuver and pick up speed. More advanced paddle boarders can use lighter, shorter, and narrower boards which offer more control, but require better balance and skill to ride. Take a look at the Slingshot Nitro Race Series, which is a racing inspired board built for speed and maneuverability and is truly an advanced paddle board.

From paddle boards, to paddles, DVDs, and other paddle boarding accessories, Kite-Line has you covered.