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Kiteboarding Packages

Get all the gear you need at once with a killer deal on a Kite-Line designed kiteboarding package. With great packages that include kites, boards, bars, and lines, you barely have to think! We do all of the research and work for you by designing custom made packages. We also provide a discount for the package deals, so you save money compared to buying each component separately. The kiting experts at Kite-Line hand-pick and thoroughly test out every piece of gear in each of our kiteboarding packages from kite to board to ensure maximum compatibility and performance. We combine some of the best gear in terms of performance and value so you can be confident in your purchase and get back to flying. Whether you are looking to get started with kiteboarding or you are upgrading your old gear, a custom made kiteboarding package from Kite-Line is a great way to go.

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  1. 2014 Naish Ride2 kite & Hero kiteboard Complete Package

    2014 Naish Ride2 kite & Hero kiteboard Complete Package

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    Special Price: $1,444.00

    The Naish Ride2 kite and Naish Hero kiteboard combine to make the most user friendly, easy to use, simplistic package out there.

    The Ride is for everyday kiteboarders looking for ease and simplicity. The lightweight, two-strut design provides superior low end performance due to its fuller center section, as well as faster inflation and smaller packing for easy transport. The Ride has rounded wing tips, which allow the kite to rotate with less drag while resting on the water. This makes for extremely easy water relaunching characteristics. It also has a slightly flatter arc compared to other kites, which gives it more punch when sheeting in and provides that nice sheet-in and go feel and easy jumping.



    Key Features:

    • Lightweight, two-strut design

    • Effortless water relaunch characteristics

    • Sheet-in and go feel and easy jumping

    • Superior low-end performance

    • Incredible wing stability while resting on the water



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    Wanted, riders ready to take it to the next level. The 2014 Naish Hero kiteboard is designed to take you there. The 2014 Naish Hero Kiteboard is the ideal board for user-friendly freeride performance & all around.

    2014 Naish Hero Key Features:



    • High Flex F45 = ideal for low-to-medium riding speed
    • Torsion Laminate = precision flex control at key areas for superior control
    • 3-Stage Rocker R10/4/20 = most forgiving rocker for early planing and all around control + back foot directional stability
    • 3D Step Rails = thin edges for solid grip

    Sizes:  135×42, 140×43, 145×43.5


    2014 Naish Hero Kiteboard Construction:


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  2. 2013 Slingshot Rally Kite Complete w/Bar & Lines

    2013 Slingshot Rally Kite and 2013 Crazy Fly Raptor Pro Kiteboard Discount Package

    Price From: $1,679.00

    The new 2013 Slingshot Rally Kite is your go-to kite for premium surf and freeride performance. This 2013 Slingshot Rally 4-line crossover kite has been completely reengineered and features new Connect Forward attachment points, Reflex Wingtip technology and a new bridle configuration all bundled into a surf tough construction with a reinforced trailing edge. 

    Kite Line 2013 Slingshot Rally Kite

    The 2013 Slingshot Rally Kite produces unwavering rigidity and efficiency. Flying further forward in the window for optimal upwind drive, this Open Delta-C kite will also sit back in the window when you want just the right amount of resistance for load-and-pop tricks or down-the-line pull. 

    Kite Line 2013 Slingshot Rally Kite

    The 2013 Slingshot Rally Kite is in a class of its own, the 2013 Slingshot Rally Kite delivers maximum range, instant de-power, effortless relaunch and precise handling. Our integrated Splitstrut technology produces a rock solid canopy. The kite also comes with our patented One Pump technology and our improved Surf Tough Construction with improved trailing edge durability. This years 2013 Slingshot Rally Kite line up includes a 7-meter to help build your perfect quiver. You’re welcome! 

    Kite Line 2013 Slingshot Rally Kite

    2013 Slingshot Rally Kite Features & Advantages

    Kite Line 2013 Slingshot Rally Kite

    2013 Slingshot Rally Kite Tech

    Kite Line 2013 Slingshot Rally Kite

    2013 Slingshot Rally Kite Sizes

    4 ~ 6 ~ 7 (New) ~ 8 ~ 9 ~ 10 ~ 12 ~ 14

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