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Michael Giebelhaus - KiteLine Owner 
Michael Giebelhaus - KiteLine 
Your Kite Guy
When you need information, service, or help getting the right stuff, you turn to someone you trust.  Right?  Like when your car engine sounds like clanking metal parts. You don’t mess around.  You take it to your car guy.  Or when the pipes to your laundry room freeze and split.  You call the plumber that you know will fix it fast and charge you a fair price.  He’s your guy.

Why should buying kites be any different?  You need a kite guy.  That’s Michael

When you contact KiteLine, you get Michael.


Epically Epoch Kiteboarding Gear
For the past 15 years, Michael’s been immersed in the kiteboarding industry – as a kiter and a business owner.  He’s seen the evolution of kiting: from those sketchy days when we had to jerry-rig our own gear, through the rapid development of LEIs, to our current state of kite gear – so technologically epic that you’d think all the worlds’ engineers had quit their day jobs and become kite-bums.

Cool. Right?  But why should you care about that?  Michael’s depth of knowledge means he understands how all the advances those "engineers" are making actually translate to your kiteboarding.  He can help you figure out what gear will match your riding style and which kites and boards will help you advance to the next level.  He can answer your questions when things don’t seem right with your lines or give you tips to make your old bindings work with your new board.  He’s handy like that.


Reliability: KiteLine is Here for You
Dedicating a decade and a half to the kiteboarding industry is good for more than a deep tan and worn out flip-flops.  Michael has built great relationships with kite companies, reps, and riders.  It means KiteLine gets the best info, the best prices, and the best support from the big kite companies when something goes awry with your gear.

The KiteLine Crew

Michael’s no fool; he knows he can’t do everything.  Like any decent frontman, he’s got a back up band, techy engineers, and crew of roadies making sure things run smoothly.  Just a few of them include...


Mark on Website
Mark - Product Graphics 

Mark’s in charge of keeping the website up to date,
loading it up with all the newest kiteboarding, landkiting,
and snowkiting gear.



Sweet Pea Cole for all things Social and Marketing
Sweet Pea Cole 

Sweet Pea’s the voice behind our social, blog and newsletter.
Pimping everything about the latest and greatest products
to our most dedicated kiteboarding customers.



Submit Digital for the Techy Stuff
Submit Digital
Submit Digital is our web company and they
are the Whiz Kids behind the tricky website frontend/backend
programming stuff.


The KiteLine Tribe
We are not cool.  We are not impressed easily.  We are not impressive.  We don't bring knives to gun fights or kool-aid to gin parties and we don't say the wind is good when it isn't.  We do what we love and what we love is kiting.  And drinking beer with friends. We appreciate what we have and live our whole lives like that look on Squints face right after he french kissed Wendy Peffercorn.     

We are KiteLine.  Welcome!