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Land/Snow Kiting

With the growth and expansion of kitesurfing, land kiting has also become more and more common. If land kiting is more your thing, Kite-Line has what you need with land kites, land kiting boards, buggies, accessories, DVDs, and more. Land kiting is great for kiteboarders who don’t live close to the beach, or do not always have access to large bodies of water. Practice your skills with a land kite board and prepare for your next session on the water. There are also many people who prefer kiting on land instead of water. Maybe it’s the sharks?

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Land kiting can be done on snow or dry land, using a buggy or a land kite board. Land boards are more like amped up skateboards with foot straps, shocks, and larger wheels and trucks. Snow kite boards are basically snowboards, and some people ever strap on their favorite snowboard instead of buying a specific snow kite board. The same standard gear is needed for land and snow kiting as for kitesurfing. You will need a board, kite, harness, bar, and lines in order to get started. Check out our land and snow kiting gear, and pick up everything you need for your next epic kiting adventure.