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Snow Kiting

When you want to take your wind walking into the polar sphere, Kite-Line has you covered with all the best snow kiting products including kites, boards, harnesses, and great gear by Flysurfer, HQ, Nobile, Ozone, and other top brands. Find everything you need to get started with snow kiting, or upgrade your set up right here at Kite-Line.

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  1. Kite Line 2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite

    Flysurfer Speed5 Kite

    Price From: $1,499.00

    2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite


    Read more on what Flysurfer says about the 2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite


    The FLYSURFER ‘SPEED’ is a legend. Just in time for the 10th anniversary of this success story, we present the 2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite in an entirely new technical design. As an excellent all-round kite the 2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite convinces with agile turning and improved performance. The 2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite is the perfect choice for (almost) every kiter! 


    2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite Access all Areas


    The 2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite is the best kite system for the highest all-round performance on any terrain and for every ability level. The SPEED5 is a true multi-talent on the water. This big-air and hang time giant also convinces through its characteristics as a chilled cruiser and a simple re-launcher. On land, the SPEED5 is the first choice for freestyle kite land boarders and buggy-kiters. The strong material and its robust construction is ideal even for your roughest sessions. The SPEED5 is a safe companion for snowkiting. Even in gusty conditions its stability and reliable performance allows pure stoke.


    2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite Range of Use


    Combining all strengths of its forerunner with the newest features, the 2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite offers an incredible range of use, from low-end to strong winds, making it suitable for both rookies and experienced riders. High stability, effortless steering, easy relaunch and a strong depower enable the SPEED5 to be extra controllable and thus very safe. The ideal kite for both rookies and experts. The SPEED5 offers the largest wind range of all FLYSURFER products. Due to its impressive depower and its refined construction it performs reliably in wind conditions ranging from low-end to strong winds. In general, FLYSURFER Kiteboarding products are well known for their high performance in low wind conditions. The SPEED5 joins these footsteps and shows a solid performance and fun factor from 8 knots onwards.



    2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite Easy Handling


    The development team emphasized on easy handling of the 2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite. The result is a fast set-up, effortless steering and riding as well as easy launching and landing. The power builds up comfortably, the depower is progressive and no effort is needed for steering, which makes the SPEED5 very comfortable to ride. Unpacking and launching of the SPEED5 is simple and fast. Launching can be done independently. This results in a relaxed and fast setup, which leaves more time for your session. The relaunch capability of the SPEED5 is outstanding – even in the lowest wind conditions, water relaunch is no problem.


    2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite Big Air


    The development team emphasized easy handling of the 2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite. The result is a fast set-up, effortless steering and riding as well as easy launching and landing. Because of its steady increase of lift, take-offs and high controllable jumps are made easy. An aspect ratio of 6.15 in combination with an optimized profile and rigid-foils increase the glide ratio. In comparison to the SPEED4 this results in a stronger kick, increased jumping height, hang time and an even slightly better upwind performance. The faster and more precise turning of the SPEED5 makes its use a blast.


    2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite Travel Comfort


    FLYSURFER’s virtue is to enable customers to travel light and comfortably. For that reason the 2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite has light and small packaging. The light weight allows easy transportation – whether it is for your adventure holidays or business trips. In addition, the kite bag features enough space for even more kites.



    2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite Features


    The technical features are generated from many years of experience of the FLYSURFER developing and workshop team and their close collaboration.


    2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite DLX+ Cloth


    The DLX+ cloth is FLYSURFER’s newest cloth material and has exclusively been developed for the 2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite. Its base fabric is stronger and with improved air density due to optimized coating. This prolongs the durability and resistance of the canopy to aging. Additionally the cloth features shiny fresh colors.


    2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite Strong Construction


    The new internal construction raises the quality of FLYSURFER foil kites to a new level. Double-stitched seams and extra taped ribs and straps provide even more stability.


    2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite Automatic Drainage System


    Our reliable drainage system is integrated into the canopy of the 2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite. Openings that are about the size of a hand are located on both ends of the trailing edge near the tips. They allow water and sand to be drained automatically, without influencing the performance of the kite.


    2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite Triple Depower Technology

    1. Depowering by pushing away the bar, modifies the angle of attack
    2. The second depower option on the 2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite involves the adaptive canopy curve. By simply moving the bar, the kite bridle gradually modifies the canopy curve of the kite and thus influences the power of the kite
    3. Through modification of the mixer the airfoil camber adjusts to the wind conditions. For light winds a bulbous airfoil camber is beneficial whereas a flat airfoil camber is best for strong winds.


    2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite LIROS Dyneema Lines


    FLYSURFER Kiteboarding trusts in the lines of LIROS that are produced in Germany with a high quality standard. Thanks to their strong Dyneema core fibers, a reduced line diameter is possible while maintaining equal breaking strength.



    2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite Optional 5th Line


    By default the 2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite is equipped with a Front Line Safety (FLS). For sympathizers of the fifth line safety system, we have developed a Full Depower Safety (FDS) upgrade-kit, which is available in the FLYSURFER online-shop or at a dealer.


    2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite Double Cordwise Ballooning


    The Double Cordwise Ballooning technology ensures the canopy inflates into the designed 3D shape. This means that exact calculations of profiles and seams are implemented, minimizing creases in the cells and therefore ensuring the optimum in aerodynamics, glide ratio and low-end performance.


    2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite Rigid Foil Technology (RFT)


    The Rigid Foil Technology reduces wrinkles in the cloth on the leading edge. This results in reduced aerodynamic drag and thus increasing the lift of the kite. As a result, the kite translates every gust of wind into propulsion without deforming the canopy. Over all, the RFT increases the kite dynamics while maintaining a light weight and a small in pack size.


    2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite Uniform Bar Setup


    Our Infinity 3.0 Control Bar system is designed to be used on all FLYSURFER kites. It is only necessary to ensure that the stopper knot is set to the longest FLS position of the kite of choice.


    2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite Workmanship


    Each cloth, each line and each component has been tested extensively by Flysurfer. We constantly create more work for ourselves in order to guarantee pure worry-free kiting fun. When it comes to materials and components, we always go for quality and functionality over price.



    2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite Sizes


    9 / 12m 


    2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite Technical Data



    2016 Flysurfer Speed5 Kite Wind Range



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  2. How to Snowkite

    How to Snowkite



    How to Snowkite

    Volume One, Instructional Snowkiting DVD
    by Morten Gjerstad

    Who better to make a great new (and sorely needed) snowkiting instructional video than the maker of the amazing snowkite DVDs like Entropy and Something Stronger - Morten Gjerstad. He is not only an accomplished filmmaker (using all high-definition footage) but also has access to the top riders in the world who are on the cutting edge of what is happening in snowkiting.

    This is 2 hours of the most thorough introduction to snowkiting you can imagine. There are chapters on terminology, equipment, location and conditions, kite flying basics, using foil kites, using tube kites (each kite chapter includes information on setup, safety systems, launching and landing, relaunching, and even packing), riding basics (like edging, turning, and going upwind), back country riding, expedition kiting, kite repair, and basic jumping. This is definitely the complete course to becoming a safe and confident snowkiter. When volume 2 is released it will take off from the basic jump and go into all the trick types of jumps and many other specialized advanced snowkiting skills.

    How to Snowkite, Volume One - $34.95

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  3. HQ Apex 4 Snowkite with Bar/Lines

    HQ Apex 4 Snowkite with Bar/Lines

    Price From:


    Special Price: $540.00

    The HQ Apex 4 Snowkite is designed and fine tuned for your easy entry into Snowkiting and all riders that love to explore the backcountry.

    The new HQ Apex 4 Snowkite provides perfectly balanced flying characteristics.  The HQ Apex 4 Snowkites innovative winglet design reduces bridling, increases turning speed and provides more power than before. It has never been so easy to climb mountains.

    HQ Apex 4 Snowkite Features

    • More progressive power. But retains its legendary stablility and user-friendliness.
    • 30 percent less bridle.
    • Winglet technology to reduce drag and speed up turns.
    • Upgraded bar (Montana bar).
    • New sizing.
    • Improved, highest quality dyneema flying lines.

    HQ Apex 4 Snowkite Sizes

    3.5 ~ 5.5 ~ 8 ~ 11

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  4. Kite Line HQ Apex 5 Snowkite

    HQ Apex 5 Snowkite w/Bar & Lines

    Price From: $749.00

    HQ Apex 5 Snowkite


    Read more on what HQ says about the HQ Apex 5 Snowkite


    When you can trust your HQ Apex 5 Snowkite 100% your skills progress to where you can climb the steepest mountains. The HQ Apex 5 Snowkite is your new partner to achieve this goal. You can count on the advanced and easier handling in all situations. Improved control and progressive flying characteristics make the HQ Apex 5 Snowkite a great choice for backcountry riding or your challenging entry into the world of powerkiting.



    HQ Apex 5 Snowkite Features


    • Improved control in critical situations
    • Extremely stable, high depower
    • Flying lines pre-attached
    • Power on demand
    • Extremely easy to fly



    HQ Apex 5 Snowkite Performance



    HQ Apex 5 Snowkite Technical



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  5. Kite Line HQ Montana 8

    HQ Montana 8 Snowkite

    Price From:


    Special Price: $879.00

    The HQ Montana 8 clean design was chosen to reduce tolerances in production to a minimum. The result – an aerodynamic masterpiece.  HQ Montana 8, performance requires precision in design. The 8th generation Montana is a totally new kite. Two years of intensive work from our R&D team has resulted in a completely changed shape. A lower AR and C-Kite like shape give added stability to the kite without compromising the performance and light wind ability of the older Montanas.



    This becomes noticeable in the direct handling and ease of use. The HQ Montana 8 combines a great freestyle and freeride ability. The increased efficiency of the power per square meter is particularly noticeable in the lower wind range. Once in the air, the kite gives feedback and provides power. A redesigned bar and the new magnetic quick release system complete the whole package.


    HQ Montana 8 Characteristics


    • Direct Handling
    • Progressive Power
    • Increased Low End
    • Easy to Fly
    • Very Good Freeride/ Freestyle Ability
    • New Bar and Chickenloop

    HQ Montana 8 Useability


    HQ Montana 8 Technicial Info


    HQ Montana 8 Size


     8m - 10m - 12m - 14m


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  6. Kite Line HQ Montana 9 Snowkite

    HQ Montana 9 Snowkite w/Bar & Lines

    Price From: $1,299.00

    HQ Montana 9 Snowkite 


    Read more on what HS says about the HQ Montana 9 Snowkite


    With the new HQ Montana 9 Snowkite, the most versatile kite on the market will be released. A new shape and air intake design increases internal pressure, making the HQ Montana 9 Snowkite extremely stable for hard use in the backcountry or aggressive freestyle moves. Tight turns with loads of power will pull you up every peak, while the linear depower gives you confidence to react to changing conditions.



    The HQ Montana 9 Snowkite offers all you need for sick freestyle moves: explosive lift and enough pop for going unhooked. The all new HQ Montana 9 Snowkite is built with light weight 30D fabric and provides super direct handling while offering maximum rider comfort. This kite can be used by beginners and is not only intended for pro´s. 



    HQ Montana 9 Snowkite Performance



    HQ Montana 9 Snowkite  Technical



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  7. Kite Line HQ Scout 3

    HQ Scout 3

    Price From: $399.00

    The newly designed HQ Scout 3 delivers a high quality but affordable package for the entry into the world of traction kiting. The flying characteristics of the HQ Scout 3 are uncompromisingly focused to the needs of kite schools and pilots seeking for a quick experience of success with a kite on a bar.



    Performance and turning speed were significantly improved. The HQ Scout 3 guarantees you always will be safe out on your board or skis. This kite provides loads of easy handling fun for beginners and advanced pilots alike.



    HQ Scout 3 Characteristics



    HQ Scout 3 Useability



    HQ Scout 3 Technichal Info



    HQ Scout 3 Size


    3.0m - 4.0m - 5.0m


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  8. Kite Line Ozone Access Base Harness

    Ozone Access Base Harness


    The Ozone Access Base Harness is constructed using the finest nylon webbing and kite harness buckles, it’s the perfect complement to your Ozone snowkite. This comfortable harness, designed like a rock climbing harness, will not ride up. Lightweight yet strong, there’s plenty of padding for the back and leg straps.



    Ozone Access Base Harness Highlights


    • New webbing loop for Megatron to attach flat so it doesn’t twist.
    • Leg straps attached at a more ergonomic angle. Distributes vertical loads between the attachment point and leg padding without squashing the family jewels.
    • Spliced Amstel back leash line or cargo attachment for towing sleds.
    • New stealth black print and embroidery.



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  9. Ozone Access SB Harness

    Ozone Access SB Harness


    The Ozone Access Harness w/Spreader Bar is a comfortable harness, designed like a rock climbing harness, will not ride up. Lightweight yet strong, there’s plenty of padding for the back and leg straps. Constructed using the finest nylon webbing and kite harness buckles, it’s the perfect complement to your  Ozone snowkite.


    2011 Ozone Access Harness w/Spreader Bar


    Ozone Access Harness w/Spreader Bar Key Features

    • Spreader bar attached directly to leg straps reducing spreader bar upward tilt.
    • Leg straps attached at a more ergonomic angle. Distributes vertical loads between the attachment point and leg padding without squashing the family jewels.
    • Adjuster webbing attached to adjuster buckle with 2:1, therefore 50% less load on plastic buckle.
    • Spliced Amstel back leash line or cargo attachment for towing sleds.
    • New stealth black print and embroidery.


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  10. Kite Line Ozone Chrono V2 Kiteboarding Kite

    Ozone Chrono V2 Kiteboarding Kite w/Freeride Bar & Lines

    Price From: $2,180.00

    Ozone Chrono Kiteboarding Kite

    The Ozone Chrono Kiteboarding Kite is crafted from a HighPerformance light weight canopy material containing Leading Edge profile plastic batten reinforcements, and Mesh Protection inflation valves for fast inflation and no deflation. The Ozone Chrono Kiteboarding Kites exceptional hand checked Ozone factory construction using the highest quality materials and contains Internal Reinforcements and Strapping for improved durability and load distribution. Ozone Chrono Kiteboarding Kites aspect ratio and planform have been re-calculated to be an optimum match with the profile for the ideal combination of stability and performance. Ozone Chrono Kiteboarding Kites contain High-tenacity sailcloth with extremely low porosity values and an overall lightweight enabled us to further stabilize the canopy and maximize fast flight characteristics. Making Ozone Chrono Kiteboarding Kites ready for whatever the day has to offer.



    Ozone Chrono Kiteboarding Kite Tech Specs


    • Performance Double Surface – The Chrono V2 lightweight double surface design is combined with a mid-high aspect ratio and 46 cells. The high number of cells means the ribs are positioned closer together, creating ultra smooth surfaces with reduced drag and maintaining a clean profile, resulting in superior flight efficiency.
    • Mid-High Aspect Ratio and New Planform – The aspect ratio and planform have been re-calculated to be an optimum match with the profile for the ideal combination of stability and performance.
    • Optimized Leading Edge Air Intakes – Newly designed intake valves are precisely positioned along the LE on the upper and lower surfaces. This leads to a stability increase and a more solid kite. The inflation is now easier and safer as the kite rapidly inflates from the center to the wingtips.
    • Leading Edge Profile Reinforcements – The Leading Edge is reinforced with flexible lightweight plastic battens to maintain the shape of the profile during angle of attack changes and turbulent airflow.
    • Internal Straps – Internal span-wise straps distribute load across the sail evenly and effectively, while also maintaining a cohesive internal balance controlling the high aspect ratio.
    • Sheathed Dyneema Bridle Lines – Requiring less maintenance and less likely to tangle. The bridles are well proven; they are the same specification that we use on our Snowkite range. The lines are thicker and stiffer compared to the R1’s high performance Kevlar line, and the sheath makes them less prone to damage.
    • Velcro and Water Out Channels – A 20mm internal channel is shaped into the end of the cells along the trailing edge to allow water run-out between the cells and out of the tips during flight. The Velcro dirt out channels can be opened for cleaning the kite. Always clean and dry your kite by emptying any water, sand or dirt as this will prolong the life of the kite and help it fly as designed.
    • High Performance Materials – High-tenacity sailcloth with extremely low porosity values and an overall lightweight enabled us to further stabilize the canopy and maximize fast flight characteristics.



    Ozone Chrono Kiteboarding Kite Construction Features


    • Exceptional hand checked Ozone factory construction using the highest quality materials
    • High performance light weight canopy material
    • Leading Edge profile plastic batten reinforcements
    • Internal reinforcements and strapping improve durability and load distribution
    • Mesh protected inflation valves for fast inflation and no deflation
    • Double pulley speed-system, utilizing the latest high spec low friction Ronstan Orbit pulleys
    • Color coded and numbered fool proof line connectors
    • Velcro openings on last tip cell for easy wash out of debris and water
    • Water proof deflation zipper on top center cell for easy and fast deflation


    Ozone Chrono Kiteboarding Kite Colors

     Please Secify Color when Ordering (Green-Blue-Red)


    Ozone Chrono Kiteboarding Kite Wind



    Ozone Chrono Kiteboarding Kite Bar Options



    Ozone Chrono Kiteboarding Kite Information


    Our design goal with the second version was to take the original Chrono’s high performance characteristics and make it easier to use for riders looking for all around ability in any conditions on any surface. The Chrono V2 is more stable and easier to inflate; additionally this model has thicker sheathed Dyneema bridle lines to reduce tangles on the ground. New sizes cover a wider range of conditions to personalize your high performance quiver. The Chrono V2 is for experienced riders with good kite control skills or previous foil kite experience. It is not difficult to fly, but there are specific techniques required to ground handle and fly high aspect ratio foil kites safely. Experienced riders will find themselves at home with the Chrono V2. On the water with a Twin-tip the Chrono V2 large sizes are light wind monsters - loads of power, easy to jump and stable. Due to the abundance of power and efficiency, gaining upwind ground is ridiculously easy. In light winds it is impressive how high and floaty jumps can be! When the wind picks up and you are looking for serious height the smaller sizes really shine, no question at all, these are pop and go big machines, just edge hard and send it, too easy!



    Riding with a Foil or Race board the benefits are immediately noticeable thanks to the longer lifting period a foil kite gives you during that critical tacking moment compared to an LEI. The combined performance of the kite and these types of boards makes 4 knot riding a true reality. On the snow the Chrono V2 takes the sport to another level, more power and performance in light winds, extended jump and flight time with a much better glide angle. The improved handling makes it possible to ride in lighter winds just by generating apparent speed, which means you can take a smaller size. On the land the gains we have made in kite stability mean that you can work on your landboard freestyle moves without worrying about the kite collapsing or falling out of the sky. For buggy riders the improvements mean freestyle or racing maneuvers are easy and more intuitive with smoother coordinated handling. The Chrono V2 is a closed-cell foil and is water re-launchable, but we recommend that you keep it flying and out of the water if possible! Using the re-launch webbing handle that connects the rear flying lines it is possible to reverse the kite off the water and continue riding. We recommend you practice this technique. An internal drainage channel running through to both wing tips allows any water that may have entered the kite to drain out. The Chrono V2 is not a wave kite and should not be used in waves. The Chrono V2 features a simple yet effective front line flag out release. After releasing the flag out always check the speed system, bridle lines and flying lines for twists before restart. The Chrono V2 will require maintenance just like any high performance equipment in racing sports, for example replacing tyres or piston rings on motorbikes. The Speed System and Bridle Lines must be checked after every 60 hours flying time, if they are worn or are not to factory specifications (+ or - 15mm) they must be replaced or the kite will not perform as designed.


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Snow kiting is becoming more and more popular, especially with the increased popularity of kitesurfing. Snow kiting is great because you can travel up hill, down hill, and anywhere you please, just watch out for those trees! Snow kiters have been known to travel very long distances, and some freestylers push the boundaries seeking big air, big tricks, and bigger glory. Whether you are new to the sport of snow kiting, or a seasoned kiter, Kite-Line as all of the latest and greatest gear from the top brands in the industry for you to get started or get back in the air. Check out our snow kiting kites, boards, accessories, and DVDs and take to the skies!