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Snow Kites

Snow kites are used for snowkiting and the main difference between snow kiting and kite boarding is the foot wear required for snowboarding or skiing. Snowkiting allows the rider to travel uphill and downhill with any wind direction. The development of snowkite specific foil kites with the ability to depower have given snowkiters the ability to push further and explore deeper into snow covered territory. With better equipment, safer practices and growing popularity, snow kiting is gaining ground in winter sports areas.

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Kite-line supplies riders with snow specific kites from Flysurfer, HQ and Ozone. Typically, the snow kite will either be a LEI or Foil. As foils are usually much lighter, easier to self launch and geared more towards easy riding or beginners. LEI kites are made for snow kiters that demand performance for tricks and speed, however their size and weight can be a huge turn off, especially considering that you'll have to carry a pump.